English Pride & Prejudice

107449569_louth_301713cNo matter where I lived, I retained my British heritage. I was raised in England until the age of 14 but my Britishness was well established. I have lived in South Africa eleven years and now in Canada for 21 years. I have travelled to 24 countries. My accent, which is as little mixed, still has a strong British tone to it. I have up to now, always been proud to say that I am British. I say up to now because having just returned from England and I feel very disappointed by the state of things there.

What has changed? England was always a place of honour and integrity, “a mans word ” and all that. Now what I see is a country in turmoil. Where one is not allowed to be a true Brit. Not allowed to be proud and in some cases a second class citizen in their own country. Is this a bit strong? Yes, but from an outsiders point of view, this is what I see. Why is this? The government appears to support any other country but not their own? If you are a newcomer you are made welcome but are left to rot in B&Bs paid for the by British taxpayer. It seems that they are trying to destroy the morale of the farmers and get rid of the seniors and leave the youth illiterate and disadvantaged in the workplace? (Yes boast every year on how many have passed their exams). Where do I get my information you ask? I hear what people are saying. I read the papers. I talk to people and hear their fears.So why do I keep going back to England you say?

Well, I have an elderly mother there who is as bright as a light bulb and does not miss a thing. She plays along with a very word skilled program called: Countdown” A game where you have 30 seconds to make a long word out of 9 random letters. She gets a 90-95% average score, so all her marbles are there. But her body is failing her and she battles a lot with life’s challenges. Could the government help out more so as to make her life less stressful? Yes, they could. I feel that the government would like to dispose of the seniors as quickly as possible to save money so that they can spend it on more important things like the “THE DOME” We all know how much people love the Dome. England’s priorities are all out of whack and I feel that you have a government that does not like the British and wants to see England crumble. (I am told that the Dome is to be ‘sold’ to the Welcome Trust for £300 million).update was used in the 2012 Olympics .

When I was there in November, Yorkshire was under water. They still seem to be suffering from that with it seems little state help. The farmers have taken a huge toll this year with the foot and mouth disease. In my paper here in Vancouver it had the Government cutting back on the clean-up for the farmers saying it cost too much. England is in trouble, hardly anything is manufactured there anymore and I may not be an economist, but surely a country of 56 million people can’t import everything? I see no support for the British in need or the care. I was recently encouraged to become a Canadian citizen; I have after all been here 21 years. So in two weeks, I write my test and hopefully become a citizen at last.

Why did I wait so long? Maybe a sense of loyalty to England? Or a fear of tests (still have that) or maybe I was just holding onto the England is of days gone by. My heritage will always be there, but I have fallen in love with this country and all that it has to give. There are not many countries in the world where you can ski in the morning and water ski in the afternoon just a few miles apart. Nor are the many places that have so many wonderful parks, wooded walks, and jogs around the sea wall. And everything is so close to each other. You can bungy jump, sky dive, para-sail  mountain clime, bike ride, tennis, swim in pools or the sea, volley ball, or just sit back at a nice coffee house and enjoy the view (yes you can get a cup of tea too). There are many diverse places where you can eat. Restaurants like, Italian, French , Chinese, Japanese, German, Canadian, Indian. You can have seafood succulent meats of all different kinds, at prices anyone can afford. We have live theatre, musicals, movie houses galore, coffee places of all kinds, great shopping, museums  art Galleries, all the things you would expect in a city. Do I sound like I like the place? I do I love Vancouver and all the many things it has to offer. Yes I do, I love living here. I love the choices that I have and the diversity it has to offer. We have a very laid back society here, and many things that one can do no matter your style of living, you can find something to love here.

We have the rich society and we also have our poor, what country doesn’t? But you can make an honest living here and have money to enjoy all it’s wonderful life styles. Where do I live? In Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, a place of beauty and of diversity. A place where you can raise a family well and give them choices of their own. Single or married you can have a great life here and although there always some political problems, we at least have a government that loves it’s country. Thank god that in today’s times, we, as British citizens can get to choose where we live and how we live. For now.

Written 2000

Update, I became a citizen in 2001 and happy to be so, now in 2014 with my SELF DISCOVERY RADIO and  The Art of Positive Living  and I will go proudly as a British  Canadian. I have now been in Canada 37 years.

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