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17-04 Petless and a Sad Heart


I am the luckiest and most loved dog in the world

I am the luckiest and most loved dog in the world

She is so soft and cuddly, she is lovable and at the moment needy. Her name is KOKOMO, which is subject to change, and she is 9 weeks old. She has already made her first appearance on a popular T.V talk show called “Vickie Gabereau” in which she sat the whole time on Vickie’s lap and then was passed on to me. Who am I? I am of course the proud owner of KOKO a beautiful border collie.

If you have read any of my other articles, you will know that I have 3 children, 1 cat and a new business. Am I crazy? Yes, but only in a good way. You see KOKO was meant to be with us, she bought for love and companionship, and also for protection for my youngest for when she is alone. Also she will be used in my business with people who have troubled minds and that need to find direction and some sort of peace in there lives, KOKO will love and nurture people with her intuitive ways.

This will not happen overnight as she is only 12 weeks old, and needs a lot of training and discipline. We are at the stage where she knows that she is doing wrong, but will do it anyway. She is also still a mummies girl, and does not like to be out of my sight. She is bonding nicely with her human sisters and brother, BUT and I mean a big BUT, the cat hates her.


Sativa is an adored cat that for 2.5 years has had the run of this house. She is snooty and independent, but will show love when she wishes to, as most cats do. Sativa took one look at this puppy and her hackles went up, eyes bulged out and her disbelief that we bought a dog into the house was just too much for her.

sativa-08We are at the stage where she will allow you to pick her up and pet her, but only if she is allowed to moan and growl at you. She has to be fed in a different place, so the dog won’t get her food. She used to sleep with me, as well as others, but due to me getting up with the dog in the night for peepee time, and her hating the dog, she now goes to the others. Do I feel guilty? Yes, but I tell her every day that she is loved and that KOKO is here to be her friend, but the look she gives me says that she does not believe me.

Now to some I may appear neurotic, maybe so. I love my animals the same way I love my kids. They are a big part of the family so there for should be loved and respected like everyone else. Animal lovers out there will understand, don’t have kids if you can’t give there love time and direction, the same goes for pets, they are vulnerable and have needs too, so equal taking care of them. Responsibility is what life is all about, commitment to someone of something larger than us. Pets give us so much love and are wholly committed so us, so why not us to them.

Boarder collies love to play Frisbee, and they are very good at soccer. They love to run and are great socializers. My girl is already the talk of the town, and just lives to roll over for a tummy rub. It is unbelievable how they can enter your hearts so fast, just one look, an endearing snuggle up to you, a smile, and yes they do smile, and you are a gonner. I have had this breed before and I love the intelligence of the dog and the intuitive friendship that they give so willingly. I may be committed to her for the next 15 years, but I know that I will have a friend that will always be there for me and will always love me no matter what. Friendship is so important not just from an animal but from each other, but a pet it is (unless you abuse them) a guarantee that they will always love you.

So open your arms to the best friend you can ever have, and give an animal a home today. You may have to train it and put up with some stuff in the beginning, but it is all worth it in the end. After all a dog is mans best friend and cats make you feel special, so with all that love and attention how can you go wrong.

Time for walkies.

Written April 2002.

NOW 2014

Update, my little girl Kokomo who is now 12 1/2 years old, bought me such love into my life. Where ever we go people love her, they always bring her treats and she never forgets. She goes to them for hugs and love and treats and brings a smile to all who know her.

NOW January 2017 I have lost them both, they are so missed and I am so grateful for having them in my life.


17-04 Petless and a Sad Heart


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