A path chosen.

We think that we are in charge of our own destiny that we can choose which way we go in life, but I beg to differ. I do believe that we have a choice of rejection for a while, but that in the end, the path we have to take must be taken no matter what.

All that we need to know and where we are meant to go has been decided and is there for our given right to take and journey. Where do we go wrong? We do not listen nor pay attention to our calling in life for we are conditioned to hear other programming and follow other roads that society decides for us.

 We are born, some into adversity some luxury some in just simple love. We have no choice who are parents are, or even if they want us or not. Our choice is in how we survive of thrive in these situations is up to us. You hear all the time how people from poor yet close loving families go on to do great things. Also those who are born to violence and hatred manage through all of that to escape and make a difference in their lives and those of people around them. And some times you hear of those lucky rich people who decide to take their riches and give back to society to thank it for the graces they where given.

 No matter where to whom or how we are born, we all have to find are way in life and follow the calling of our purpose in order to make this world and our existence a better place to live in.

 A key factor in life is trust. Trust of ones self and those we align are selves to, in our chosen faith, with out trust there can be no respect and with out that comes fear, complacency and hate. Value, of life, our selves and of our fellow man the earth and all creatures no matter how big, small, ugly or beautiful is the essential respect of all things living.

 This story is of two different paths taken by two different people, who in each of their own ways traveled a path not right for them, only to find each other in the most unlikely place and to walk a walk that both were destined to walk together.

 His grand father gave Bill a blond blue-eyed Irish Canadian from Toronto a gift at the age of 6. This gift could be considered a curse for its power and responsibility was of great burden indeed. Of what this gift is we only say that it is a gift that he can see things in people that they would not acknowledge in them selves. This gift had been past down from adult to child with in the blood line for a great time, and was always carried by a man, and was in all its greatness a heavy burden to carry. 

 Bill when he was 10 years old was in a water skiing accident that in actual fact he died from, only to come back to   life to face the fact he might never walk again. Bill is of stubborn and strong willed mind, decides that this was not for him and taught him self how to walk through consciousness and seeing himself walk again. With this new strength and some wild oats to sow, Bill challenged himself into other adventures which he bares the scares and pains of today and will forever more. Was this his gift? To face death and come out the other side to challenge life once more? Or was this a lessen in survival and humility and compassion? Maybe of just simple strength of mind body and soul in order to know how far one can go and really survive life and embrace it in all its obstacles. Bill was given many gifts and one of them was tenacity and strength of character to live life in all its glory while never loosing sight of its vulnerability and its value.

 Bill was also given friends that were true to his soul and heart, but sadly and tragedy died all way before there time. But just because some one passes over does not mean that they leave you, Bill was lucky to have these friends guide and love him through all his trials and tribulations as he is open to the world of the spirit where one does not die but exits in another form to guide us share and love us in our earthly journey.

 Although Bill was not conventionally schooled, he excelled in learning, and by the age of 17 had two degrees one masters in mechanical engineering. Bill trusted the knowledge that came to him and new that some times he was just channeling the intuitive knowledge that was given to him for certain purposes. This made him and his family rich, a richness that he found based in lust and greed, and walked away from it all to discover his true value him self.

 Bill married and through the next 18 years had nine children. But alas all good intentions have a price to pay, and this one played heavenly on his marriage. He had married a beautiful 18 years old and birthed nine children in the next 16 years. They were home schooled as he very much believes in the value of ones own strengths being allowed to grow rather than a curriculum that molds you to societies view point rather than your own God given abilities. He also ran very successful businesses, but at the age of 36 retired for a while to raise his children so as not to see their lives pass him by but to celebrate whom they are in all their natural glory. This in its self is a heavy load and both of them began to see that the journey that they both set out to take had in actuality taken them on separate paths. Both strong in spirit and mind, the pull of their destinies would split them apart for each to follow their own callings. The love they each had for their children and respect for each other’s talents bought them to an understanding that life apart was healthier for the family and they parted in an understanding and blessings for each other’s journeys.

  Now enter Sara, the soul partner of Bill’s and a person who would inspire Bill to awaken his destiny and for fill his calling by an invention that would change the world of travel.

Bill had had a design for a motor in his mind for 27 years, but technology had to catch up with it and he had not had the opportunity to pursue it until Sara entered his life and awoke the desire to develop it. Bill had woken up every day for the last 10 years with one phrase in his mind, “feeding the minds that fuel our future” the true meaning of this was not totally apparent till he met Sara who’s own philosophy was to “Give back” by freeing the spirit and mind and igniting the soul of the lost spirits.

 The two of them had known each other in a casual way in a coffee bar called Gallergers in B.C Canada. Sara had bought a puppy named Kokomo Gifu, and would now have to join the smokers out side rather than sit inside as dogs where not allowed in side. Kokomo was and still is the center of attention and it did not take long for Bill and Sara to openly talk in that communitive friendly way.

 Sara was coming out of a 20-year marriage and was trying to rebuild her self and a business. Her passion was enlightenment of people’s awareness and help people understand where it is they were so they had a better understanding of where they were going. Sara a very intuitive spiritually minded soul herself, clicked with Bill, and through the years struck up a rapport that one-day would open them both up to higher possibilities.

 By year 3 Sara had joined another gentleman in a business on importing electric bikes to North America. She had just come back from Taiwan, when she bumped into Bill (at the coffee shop) He asked what she was doing, as he had not seen her for a while, and when she told him of her new adventure, he told her of his experience in bikes, which she then invited him to advice them on the product before they went ahead with the adventure. This ended up be an invitation to join the company as Bill introduced his motor idea and one could see inherent abilities the motor could lead every one to. The other partner and his bikes fell by the way side, he could not get his funding and he disappeared into the sunset. But Bill and Sara saw a great world ahead, one were each others calling would be allowed to flourish and develop into some thing for the whole world to share in and grow in.

 Now through much joy, pain sorrow and strife and tenacity, they would face the world of business. A world that has its own language and style of doing things. Both Bill and Sara are people who look for the honesty and good in people and although 95 % of the people backed the idea, they were not the ones with money. So through the mud they walked believing that the worlds need for this invention would open doors for them. They were sorely disappointed in the fear, narrow mindedness and ignorance that people of business finance have. Soon they were broke, all their private funding gone. Although frustrated and totally pissed of, they continued to push forward. They had both given up so much for this gift to the world; they could not give up now. Just a little more just a little longer, some one would show them the green light.

 Now we wait, does the world want a gift from the heaven that releases them from the chains of oil and helplessness? Do people want to breath easier and have cleaner air? They believe yes, so down to their last dollar and with the losses behind them they wait for the heavens to open with hope that the green light will soon be on.

 How far have you gone for some thing you believe in or some one? If you believe in it, you must be ready to sacrifice for it, for nothing ventured nothing gained, and if you do not know loss you can not know gain.

 We never give up nor give in for we believe in you and we believe that your quality of life is worth fighting for.

 Keep looking for us The Green Light 

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