On the brink of some thing big.

As I look at the elections going on in Canada and the U.S.A, I feel that most governments are dream destroyers. You have one slinging mud at the other and you have every ones dirty laundry out in the open, that if there was any thing good to be said about any one, you end up not believing it. We are meant to place our trust in these people who take on a God like attitude when elected, and who at some point told us that they where just like us, one of the people.

How is when they come into power they develop 2 or more personalities? I am in the personality business and know that we can take on different personas with different people so as to adapt to the situation. Politicians seam to become pure liars and all that you voted for, the integrity “the I will be there for you”, “I will make your lives better” goes right out the window. Before you know what, you are paying more taxes receiving more cuts in medical, paying more for gas (petrol) foods, and just living.

I love Canada, but we seam to pay taxes to go to the loo (toilet) here. If so much money is needed and raised every moment of the day, how come the country is always so broke? Where does our money go?

Every day I hear about the environment and the NEED to find a solution. Then I hear about one company getting 100 of millions in R&D money only to sell of their business and nothing coming out of the investment our taxes have paid for.

We are developers; we have R & D COMPANY, one that with far less millions is able to bring a viable inexpensive and functioning solution for the gas prices and carbon omission problem. We have in development a “Digital Electric Motordrive System” in others words an electric motor that replaces the out dated electric motor and can replace the combustion engine. What does this mean to you the consumer? Well a car with out gas that can go as fast and as far as an combustion engine, a car that creates NO carbon residual, a car that is easy to fix and reliable to drive. A car that will give you freedom from Gas prices and the strangling hold the oil companies have on all of us.

In other industries, it is a motor that will replace old electric motors in Mills, Gas lines, out board motors, yachts, off road vehicles, motor bikes, bicycle’s scooters, cargo ships, tankers, and much more.

Why do we work were other motors have failed! Because we have reinvented the electric motor for this century and looked at it from a totally different view. It is not canned like the old motor, it does not have an issue with batteries, and it is modular which means it can be scaled up or down and is so simple to fix, you can do it.

So far we are told by our Government, go and develop it and then we give you money to develop it. They love shouting the problem it makes them look good, but when a solution comes along, unless it is by a BIG company it is ignored.

Do you want to pay less to get around, or do you want to be a slave to the oil mongers? Do you want to see no carbon from cars? Do you want to see no more old oil to dispose? Do you want to own a boat, but gas prices wont let you? So many “do you,s” even if you check one off, will you DEMAND that your government take notice of the little guy trying to make a difference, and stop looking at corn fuel, or hydrogen fuel as the answer because it is NOT.

Stand up for those trying to make a difference, talk with your MLA, try and get some answers why we are not looking at alternatives else where and why they ignore the smaller companies. Help them understand that this growth around the world will make this a better place to live in and taking away the Oil companies hold on us. We are all effected every one of us; this is your answer too.

Speak up and do some thing, before this only goes to China who wants to eliminate carbon omissions and leaves North America behind.

Check out this site. www.cyclzone.com

The future of carbon free environment is in your hands.

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