The Murphy with in us.


Last year I wrote about how Murphy from Murphy’s Law was having way to much fun with me, broken ankles, pain, promises broken and turmoil’s in abundances. I realized that he left an imprint on me, a negative foot of misrepresentations and of soul disconnect. Now 3 weeks to the anniversary of the dreaded day I broke my ankle which now has 6 screws and 2 plates in it, I realize that I have been fighting an upheaval battle with my self and all that’s around me.


My thoughts would think one-way and my emotions another, and my energy totally left me. Looking back I realized that in the last 18 months my life has changed completely totally and inequitably. I was lost lonely unsure and trying to find my purpose in my life and this world of which I was so disconnected from. Then it all began to change and looking back all really fast. Can one adjust so fast to the many changes? Or do we like it slow and sure-footed?


I would not know what sure footed was, I have a tendency to always follow my instincts even when I have no idea where they are leading me to or why I am going there in the first place. I am at times envious of people who follow a particular path each day, always knowing where they are going and why. But, I have tried that way and indeed raising children needed to follow the expectations and constancies of raising kids, but I find that winging it going by my gut and intuition really suites me better and is truer to my existence.


For instance, most people would not start a business (outside of their realm) Cyclzone Technologies developing a revolutionary new Electric Motordrive System with a new partner, then fall in love, sell home (3 times fell through each time except last one) get a divorce, break ankle, receive hate messages form new loves Ex, pack up he family home of 17 years and down size by half into 2 homes one in Vancouver and one in Kirkland USA. Then having moved across the border to set up home come back here for some excess furniture only to find the border control decided that you were enemy number one because you are looking to set business up there that would create many jobs and millions in revenue. Now we wait in Vancouver for the E2 visa and in the end it was all just another visits form Mr. Murphy or was it?


I have now taken a step back from my anger anguish and constant pain and had a good look at things in answer to what happened.  I believe in the law of attraction, every wish desire and need goes up in to the Universe to be possessed for you to receive. So if so much negative is happening do I clearly not believe in my self my spirit or my soul any more? I am sending the wrong messages?


The Universe responds to what you ask of it, and although I had asked for the successful out come of the business and all that it stands for, I became despondent when things and people were not living up to the expectations of the dream. Now I realize that done in those particular ways we would have gone really wrong and all that the universe was telling me was to re think and redirect and keep my faith for the true reason and purpose behind it all.


So the skies clear, I see clearer and I am not so emotional now, my pain (my hips due to the ankle) is still there all the time, but I believe that it will improve as I myself let go of what it is I cannot or should not control. I asked to be guided and forgot to listen. I asked for help and could not see the hand before my eyes. I believed in my mission, my purpose but got to emotional and to personal about it. I started to doubt, even though I did not realize I was doing that and then that doubt crept up into the universe for Murphy to grab hold of, and twist me around into confusion and finally distrust.


So now from a page of clarity and reconnecting with my soul, I am letting go of the pain, anger, anxiousness and distrust, and reacting with a positive attitude. In forgetting to trust my spirit and intuitiveness I allowed outside influences to distort my being, I am a spiritual person who is only aligned when she is true to her spirit and soul. I went of the cosmic tracts and got lost; I am now coming back to life. It will take some time to realign, and constant words of encouragement from my heart to my soul and most defiantly many positive conversations with my head. I am not angry any more but thankful for the interruption, for now in my clarity I see that road would have been a dead end, and that all the visions and ideas that were there in the beginning were there for a reason. We had it all right but not in the right order, your basic foundations are always the strongest to build on if they are built in truth and inner honesty. Now time to breath in the sunlight and let the darkness fade into the night. And at night look to the peace of the stars and see what they are saying to you. They say fear is the most consuming thing of all and if we let it in, in any way, like doubt, anger, frustration, we let the seed of darkness take control and win.


So let yourself out, listen to your gut, it speaks the truth that you need to know, trust in yourself, for your soul when listened to will never let you down only you can do that, you and your doubts. Switch on the lights of life and stop living a living death; look for the excitement of living free with choices of redirection possibilities, and purpose. Trust in your self and in the Universe your spirit and your instincts and just walk forward leaving all behind that held you back and crippled you.


Chow Mr. Murphy, we wont be seeing each other for a long time if ever again, as my sprit lifts and my peace within me returns there is no room for YOU so GET OUT.


THE BRIGHTNESS OF THE SUNLIGHT ALWAYS CONSUMES THE CREPPYNESS OF THE DARKNESS, open your windows, open your heart, your soul and let your laughter be heard and your spirit fly free of negative doubts. You can do it, but do you want to or do you prefer the misery of destruction and inner turmoil? You decide but for peoples sake I hope that you will try to set your selves free so as to create a more cosmic peace about us all and hope for this world and future generations, for what you feel, think, and do today, reflects on all of us tomorrow.


Peace with us is peace within the world I wish this for you all.


Sara Towe of Vancouver Canada & of Kirkland USA


Take a look at Sara & Bills Business and watch the excitement grow.


July 17 2007

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