Dream yourself to a better life


Are dreams just that dreams, or are they visions of some thing to come? I have a dream for my self, a vision of what I want life to be, do I dismiss them because they feel out of reach right now? Or do I believe in them and strive to make them work?

I believe that if you cannot see it, feel it, and live it in your dreams you can never make it happen. The universe has to understand what it is that you want in order to deliver it. That does not mean it has to be exact, when a dream or desire does come true in comes in the way you need it and in what will help you grow.

Basically it is the Law of Attraction. They say be careful for what you wish for as it may come true. That is it exactly. If you are capable of willing (wishing) it, you are making it come true. Oh yer, you want to be a millionaire, but just wishing it aint gonna help. But desiring to be wealthy through innovation guts and hard work will help it happen.

We are never given more that we can cope with no matter what we feel at the time. When one looks back on some thing that happened negative in our lives, it was only to make you stronger, worthier and more determined to succeed. I call the negative aspect Mr. Murphy from Murphy’s Law. He loves to pop up and put a spanner in your works. It is a test, even if we can not make sense of it, it is to see if we will give up on our dream, or fight through it and NEVER GIVE UP NOR GIVE IN. He loves the ones who give up, the just daydreamers, but not the “I will” dreamers. He loves to pull the rug from underneath you, but if you are dreaming of a better life, a better future for every one, starting with you and your life and you are determined no matter what to get there come hell or high water, then you pass the test and the wind appears at your back to move you closer to your dream.

I had a dream, I did not know how to make it come about, but I just started dreaming anyway. First I dreamt to be free from the loneness and isolation of my marriage. I found the courage to make it happen. Then I dreamt of being financially independent and respected for it, I am now making that happen. I also dreamt of being loved and valued for who I am and how I am, and now I am loved in that precise way.

For me the answers were given to me in what I needed to for fill the dreams. I was given the freedom that I longed to have, the inner respect which had evaded me and the tools in which to find that finical freedom that would bring me the respect I sort and the ability to make a difference in the world for the good.

I thought that it would be my Positive Living that would open my doors, and in a way it was. I had a friend, who I helped with my abilities, which led us to see that we dreamt of the same things, which led us to building a business together which will change the world and make a big difference and on top of it all we fell in love.

The industry is electrical motor engineering, of which I know nothing about. But the understanding of what we are building and what it means to the world did mean every thing to me. So it is not always in the area we think it will be, I had to follow the wind, go with my instincts whether I understood them or not. I even broke my ankle through this, but we carried on, I spent every penny I every had, but we still go on, we have made some wrong decisions, but they led us in the right direction, so no matter how we have got here, it all started with a dream so strong, that I gave it all the belief that I could. I listened to the universe and was willing to be lead to my destiny and now the rewards are far greater than I could ever have imagined or thought worthy of.

I had a dream and now I am living in it to make it happen, tomorrow I will be benefiting the rewards of the long road we have travelled and celebrate with the Gods thanking them for the visions, energy, and wisdom that they gave us to reach this point now. If you can not dream it you can not make it happen. Be prepared to fail only to get up dust of and start all over again many times, but each time you are stronger and wiser, each time you are one step further along.

08/08/2008 is a lucky month for me for it is a time when my Angel will come and guide us forward to the open door of dreams coming true. Dream on, dream well and listen, hear, and feel them so you can act on them to make them come true.

Good Luck and Good dreaming.

Sara Troy

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