Ninteen years.

How time flies, it seems like only yesterday that we were dinning out working hard and doing everything together. We came together with our mutual colours, Orange, and partied and worked hard with intensity. Our inquiring minds Green, talked about many things in the world, even if we did not agree we talked.

We raised our kids, introduced them to Chinese foods and culture. We took them skating, and to the movies and we all had our fun. We traveled and watched our kids look wondrously at new things, and we smiled at each other knowing that this is what it is all about. As they grew, you got busier, unable to attend all the activities that they did. They knew that you loved them and they still do.

Through the years, our true colours have shown them selves honestly. I am a true blue, loving nurturing and dependable loyal, but this also means that I needed replenishing of these things too, I need love and to be valued for whom I am. Your green, logical, detailed, inquisitive, and an unconvinced mind do not allow you to reach out to the unknown. I believe in what I don’t see, you need to see it to believe it. I give, you receive. Your green and Orange mixed together, means that you are very good in business, you have the drive and you love the intrigue of the working mind. But in romance and undeniable love, you fear and lack the understanding that I need.

This does not make you a bad person, only a person who thinks in a different way. We all have different opinions in life, and we have as humans the right to believe in what we choose. You think one way, I another. Non-are wrong, we have journeyed to different parts of life, and we see through different eyes and feel with different emotions. To each of us, it is right for us, to one another it means we have to except our differences of opinion, because in doing so it means we except each other for who we are.

Who knows where we will be in the future, I am growing, taking a new journey. You are seeking out yours, if we still have a thread between us holding us together, maybe we will take some sort of journey together. But if we don’t it must be accepted for what it is. It is not about control of each other, but control over are own destiny. In order to survive in this life, one must grow; one must venture forward to unknown places or face complacency and a slow death. I wish you a new journey, a new venture. I have always been there for your journeys and I believe the first journey that would benefit you at this point in your life, is to journey in. Getting to know oneself again and to challenge ones self to reach new heights is invigorating and inspiring.

If you wish to do this journey in private, that is O.K. and if we meet at some point in your journey that is also O.K , BUT this is your journey, I am already ahead with mine. I will respect what it is that you want to do and wish you well in doing it.

We will always have our wonderful children, nothing will ever change that,.and the memories that we have with them. If we have each other, only time will tell. Look in honestly Tony and be true to you and to me.


The year 2000

We parted in September of this year, and now worlds a part and living totally different lives, we do not see or speak with each other unless itis an emergency to do with our children.
I wish him much happinss and I am very glad we parted for we would have died in the lie of a marriage and now with out regret we live our truths. Thank you for our children and may you always know that I but a call away.
God bless Tony.

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