This week I will…..

This week I will take care of business by taking care of me first.


  • First.        I will be kind to my self
  • Second.    I will listen to what my heart and soul are saying to me.
  • Third.       I will let my head take it all in
  • Fourth.     I will then decide my actions.
  • Fifth          I will proceed with truth honesty and in faith.
  • Sixth.        I will react accordingly and not over-react unnecessarily.
  • Seventh.   I will be grateful for the opportunities sent my way
  • Eighth.     I will do my very best to embrace them and act on them in a positive enlightened way.
  • Ninth.       I will reach out to some one and pass my good fortune on.
  • Tenth        I will sit back and take in all that this week has given my with a smile in my heart and a pleased grin on my face.

By Sara Troy

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