Influences of books and other wisdoms

I cannot claim that all my knowledge comes from the universe, God or life’s lessons. One comes to an understanding only to be posed another question. Some times we find those answers with in our selves, and some times we need to ask others to direct us to the answer. We do have all that we need to know with in our selves through our souls, but do not know always how to access the search engine.

It is like Yahoo or Google, the saying just “Google it” its saying that somewhere out there some one has uploaded the information for us all to access. The universe in a Google so is our connection to God, but a way of knowing what to ask for in order to receive the answer often comes from some one else’s journey.

In my journey I have first hand dealt with a lot, but without sharing it with people I would not have known how far I have come or have acknowledged my strides. My life’s experience also have been found through some profound reading that has enlightened me and posed the questions so that I can comprehend the answers.

I love mythical books that take you on a journey deep into the parallels of life. Escaping the reality on ones day and going into another time and space helps you to get outside of your self, look at life from a totally new prospective. Movies are the same escape, and if we are lucky we will always find an answer to our confused state of mind even if it is senseless shallow movie or book.

Books are good for me; reading is my education and my inspiration and a place to relate and a place to cry. It does not matter why you read, but reading is a wonderful place to find ones answers. I read mystery’s, who done its and fantasy. I even love a good bio, again you learn about yourself through other people’s journeys. In the last few years I have taken to reading some self-awareness books, and I am going to tell you what I learned from them as well as encourage you to explore these books yourself for your own self-discovery.

“Who moved my cheese” by Spencer Johnson MD   this is a brilliant book on how to accept change. He first bought it to light for businesses under going cooperate changes. But it applies to every one who has an issue of any kind in changing ones direction. It got so popular he did one just for children, which is marvelous for all the upheavals and changes a child goes through in life.

The cheese reference is a metaphor for what you have in life, the maze is where you look for what you want, it is about 4 characters, 2 represented by mice, 2 by small humans. In parallel to True Colour characters, I found these persons to be identical. It gave me insight to how each colour person accepted change and what got in their way.  It is an easy quick read and I highly recommend it.

Another one of his books “YES OR NO” deals with our process of deciding and why we find it so hard to make decisions in our lives. Most of the time we get paralyzed by the question. Or can only see some thing from one prospective. If we learn to “get all the facts by first stopping the poor decision you understand that there are other views to the question and therefore not so intimidating.

You must first avoid indecision don’t just settle for a decision if it does not sit right with your heart. Do not avoid a decision just because it is hard, look at it differently, ask your self-questions and change the angle so you can see it from a different view.  All actions are our choice; if we react it is a choice even if not an acknowledged one. Some where in our brains and heart we act on some thing by a choice that is so automatic we are unaware of it.

“Happiness is a Choice” by Barry Neil Kaufman, who took his autistic son whom society and the medical profession had written of, form a child who was trapped in his own world and could not communicate with the out side world, to a person with straight A’s in collage. They help others release their own children from their inner jail into living live  persons with communication and free will.

He also wrote “Son Rise” which was made into a movie which I have seen but I have not read the book yet, but found the book on choices to be very enlightening. I intuitive know all this knowledge, it is within me and all around me, but when you are stuck in the mud of indecision, it is very hard to listen to ones inner voice. You get to entangled by the turmoil of it all that all you can see is a tornado of confusion and inner upheaval.

It really is very simple, in order to make an accurate decision; you first must make a choice to open your mind to all the information that you need to make that right decision. When we ground our selves so firmly in chaos we cannot think straight or clearly. It starts with a simple choice to let go release it all and then tune in. Simple! Yes.

I have a hiatus hernia, many women have them, babies can cause them when the push your innards to highly up into your chest, it creates a tear which over time and stressful episodes in your life, allows the acids to cause real pain in your upper chest through to your back. Mine was keeping me awake at night; I could not lie down or wear a tight bra with out feeling that a hot rod had been plunged into my chest coming out the other end. Graphic I know, but I want you to know how it really felt, because after reading Happiness is a Choice, I decided to talk to my hernia and to my stomach acids and tell them that there services was no longer needed. I had let go and address the hernia issue by addressing the real issues which was fear.

You say once again too simple, but ask your self this, when we look at most things in our lives, IS IT NOT THE SIMPLE THINGS THAT MAKE SENSE? We love to complicate things by giving the situation more power that it warrants, if we had only said to our selves, Yes this is not good, so what I am going to do to change it to make it better.

1. Stop worrying (it creates more acids, heart decease and death) it serves no purpose other than to         block all communication with God and knowledge within us.

2. Look at your options by gathering information, ask your self-questions and look at things form           all angles and then ask more questions till it feels right.

3. Choose to make a decision based on this information in coherence with the heart (gut).

4. Then choose to act on it in faith and conviction.

We can point the finger at any one we like for what has gone wrong in our lives. Some things we had no choice over, except in how we reacted to that situation. We can be half empty people or half full. We can embrace new avenues in life or fear them, we can grow or wither and die, it is all our choice in how what and when we do it.

Other books with good codes to live by are “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. These codes are 1. Be impeccable with your word. 2. Don’t take any thing personally. 3. Don’t make assumptions. 4. Always do your best. These are good guidelines to live by. 5. As Man Thinketh by James Allen, I read this 33 years ago and its message makes more sense today than ever before.

“The Law of Attraction” by many authors. This philosophy is vast, your get what you project. If we cannot see it, feel it live it in our psyche then how is the universe going know what we desire? First you must project it in order to get it, and you may not get what you want but you will always get what you need. Before you ask think first because you will get it good or bad.

Even quotations like “Live life to its fullest” You act want you think” “You are your inaction” “A decision made is a burden lost” ‘Choosing to live in the now with hope in the tomorrow greats me with a positive day every day”” “When I give openly and honestly I am open to receive in the same light” “Positive Thinking = Positive Living” and “Never give up and Never give in”

We represent our selves in our inaction indecision and in our inability to make a choice. Remember the First Impression rule, 55% is how you look, your confidence in who you are and how you wear your self not what you wear. 38% is in our tone of voice, soft commanding tones will always have people ready to listen to you 7% is your content. If you do not command the attention in the first 30 seconds you have lost them. Lack of self-confidence and meek and apologetic tone will not have any one listening to your content.

This does not mean go powerful, but go in strong soft and decisive and represent your inner core in an energy that makes people sit up and want to hear you and want to know you because you have self-value and self-confidence. Another saying my mother use to say to me, which took me years to fully live by, is “The value you put on your self is the value people take you for” low opinion of your self will reflect and be acquainted with you, a high value, (not conceit) will demand that people treat you with respect and value you.

It is very easy to write all this but I do know how hard it is to break the cycle of conditioning. Habitual behavior is so entrenched that it makes it hard to just change links and move away from every thing you have ever know whether is was good or bad. The real first step is courage to acknowledge that your life is not working for you in its present state. Then the courage to want to make the change, then making the choice to do so, even one step at a time.

You will have confusions, that is why we listen to the heart and be guided by the soul. You will have doubts that is why we stop and look at what is not happening and redirect our selves to what needs to happen. You will have fears, yes many of them, but every time you do ask your self this. Am I being honest with my soul and true to my spirit in this place and time? Then make the decision to move forward even one step at a time. This is not a race or a competition. It is your life, do it slow or fast no matter just make sure you just do it. Do not measure your self by others views of you or in their shadows. We respect what others have achieved and in the way they did it, but it is not for you to walk their walk but only to walk your own path. We gain inspiration energy and hope from other people’s journeys, and it should inspire us to walk straight and proud in our journey. Remember there are no mistakes only redirects.

With codes and guidelines in place a pocket full of courage and strength of hope and the choice to move forward into your own light, you will succeed. We do have the choice to change our lives, we do have the wisdom to direct us, we do have the strength and we do have the wind at our backs. We must first make the choice——-

highly recommend
“You can heal your life” by Louise L. Hay

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