The Acting Bug

Well they say it is in the genes and I think that they are right. I have just come from watching my youngest daughter in a play, her first ever play. I am very impressed, she was so good that I forgot that she was my daughter and I got right into the character.

2455_57346866414_4233785_nMy eldest daughter impressed me when she was 15 when she played a victim of rape trying to defend her self. Where do they get it from, they dig down and find this natural talent that when they just let go they explode into their characters and wow you.

Me! No I tried acting and preferred behind the scenes and directing. Front and centre comes from my mother Joanna North who has an abundance of talent that although recognized for many reasons was not pursued. (My farther being one of them)

My mother could command a stage but also make her co actors look good doing it.  She loved the dramatic roles and could get down into them bringing out their personalities so every one knew them. If the times had been different (not war-time) my mother would have been known to be one of the greats, but family, jealousy from my Dad and shyness on her part, led her to local performance’s which were always a hit and sold out.

Tabytha and Tasha’s Dad Tony, acts also in movies and commercials, he would love to have made a career out of it, but it is a hard world and one that should first to perused in youth when you have the freedom to explore it.

Well I would say my girls have got that natural talent. Trouble is my eldest gave up on it and that a shame because another talent lost to us, she was good and could still be good if only she would trust herself and live it again. Tabytha (25) could learn lines with total ease and get into character very easily, she is born to act, and I wish she would try it once more.

My other daughter Tasha, (19) was very tentative about acting, not sure if she wanted to or not, or even if she could act. Tonight she proved without a doubt that she can and should act.

She had lots of dialogue which she took command of, she had to be angry and cynical and with humor all at the same time, and she pulled it of. As I said I started watching my little girl and forgot who she was and enjoyed the person she became.

Well-done my darling I am pleased and very impressed. You now have the taste of acting and how liberating it can be, fly with in explore it and trust your self in it for your Grand mama’s genes are in you and you are a born actress.

Do not forget you other talent of writing another family talent, (brother novelist screen writer mum article writer) being able to write for an actor, as an actor is very advantageous and acting the writers word in comprehension is needed also.

I am behind you Tasha, we all escape into an actors vision, we live vicariously in your roles, entertain us for we will be watching you with eager eyes.

Congratulations Tasha

Love a Proud Mama Sara

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