What would give up for your destiny?

What would give up for your cause your chosen or unchossen destiny? Would you give up your money, your freedom, your home or your peace of mind? Would you give up your family?

If every day of your life you heard the same thing over and over again but had no idea what or why it was but you could not shake it. If there was a force so strong that you made decisions that you would think others mad for, but here you are doing it not knowing why you do them any way?

Some of us struggle with every thing in life no matter how we try to change it, (I have a theory about that for another time) some of us feel lost and can find no direction at all. Then there are some of us that are driven crazy with a persistent drive forward towards some thing that we do not as yet comprehend.

We may be in careers that chose us giving us drive and conviction, focus and strength. We have talents that we do not know where they come from, and an inability to do any thing else well. It may not make sense to anyone else, why you are so driven over some thing different or that does not pay well. They may say but you could choose a much easier route that makes more money, or what is going to come of it, your are a looser. No matter what they say, if you are driven to do some thing sense or not, then do it, it for a reason even if at the time you do not understand.

Do you remember the movie “Signs” where the little girl left glasses of water around the house, annoying every one, but in the end is was those glasses of water that killed the alien thus freeing the world. Did not make sense at the time, but it had a purpose in the end.

I have had that nagging yet peaceful pull all my life. It would let me feel at one with the world and all knowing in what I was doing, but no worldly comprehension of what I was doing. I have taken journeys that led me know where my destiny is and journeys that felt right at home once I got there. You do not know why you choose to do that but it feels so right.

I have found that whenever I tried to go against my grain my unchossen path, I would get into much misery. If I just followed my intuition I would always find my self in the right place doing the right thing and feeling good about it.

You know that song “I did it my way”, well we all try it our way, but if the Gods are in disagreement then it is not going to happen mate. How much of our lives is our decision and how much preordained?

We harp on a lot about being in control of our lives, but I think that we are only in control of how we make the journey not where we take the journey. It is like your feet are lifted and the winds are blowing you forward. We have no footing but feel grounded in a strange sort of way.

I am always telling people to jump out into the abyss and go with out fear and be blind death and dumb. We do this in order to hear the true sounds of our calling, to see all the beauty of our world and our lives and to feel with out trepidation the love and purpose in which we must go. We gain more control by giving it up. We gain more understanding when we choose to be dumb, and we know the true honest feeling of being full of life and joy when we have know defeat and pain. I can not be filled if am full of discontent and pain, I can not see if I am blinded by fear, I can not feel if I am filled with hatred I can not know who I am till I acknowledge what I am not.

What would you give up for your purpose in life? If it called on you to leave every thing behind and trust in you’re journeys hoping that you are following the right path. You cannot cast a stone at some one who takes that journey for the betterment of all living, if they leave all that they love and know behind. When the pull is so absolute you have no choice but to follow with conviction trust and faith, and with the understanding that what you gave up for this all purposeful cause you will once have again but in a much truer light. Help them with their pain for this is not always easy for them, the anguish that they go through can turn them upside down and make them turn against that calling to go against it and distrust every thing in the process. Let them know that even if you do not understand, you believe in what they are trying to do and you will blow the favorable winds in their direction.

For all the journey man who take this passage in life and know not why, Trust in your truth and in your calling, go with faith and in knowing that how hard the road may be, it serves a bigger purpose than if you had ignored the call.

No matter what, do not turn away from it, because you will feel hunted by it and when time has past empty for not following the journey that would change so many lives. We are chosen, for our strength for our faith and for our tenacity. Things in life have significant changes a lot due to these people who give up every thing to answer the call that is so encompassing. Help them on their way, do not try to redirect them, but assist them guide them and most of all believe in them. For with out them dreams would not come true and the impossible would not be built.

For all the impossibilities that have been dreamt of and all the accomplishments that have been bought to us the common man, there was some one who had to have loss for our gain. They be rich now, but they did know poverty and heartache, they be revered now but they did know disparagement, they be a house hold name that we use every day, but once it was just a dream and with out those willing to go through all the trials and tribulation for that accomplishment we would still be in the dark ages, we must thank them for our gain.

If you can dream it, feel it and live in it, you can make it happen if you believe so hard that you cannot think of anything else then you must follow your path or live a lie within your self.

The world needs you and your visions, keep dreaming and may the winds be behind you.

By Sara Towe

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