READY SET GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well is it a go yet? That is what I get from all our believers, have we got a commitment yet from an investor. No I say, another one ran we offered an the group exclusive rights to an entire industry, but it was to big or to small who knows, it is only worth billions.

They all want a piece of the car pie, is it because they want to look like hero’s bringing an electric car to the market, to save the world or just because they smell money. The car industry is a difficult one, you have the car companies backed by oil and you have oil companies not wanting non-gas vehicles on the road. You have governments making it hard to drive an electric car any-where (because they are in bed with the oils companies) and you have regulations that make it expensive to develop a new car company.

Yes electric cars and bikes etc on the road most definably makes a huge difference, BUT, where the real difference is in industries that use gas powered motors all day every day. Replace gas motors in these industries and you will see a mega reduction in carbon and other pollutant fumes.

If you replace all those motors around the world the air in the world will be clean and pure. We will have cheaper energy because we can tap in to air-water-solar-wind and any other friendly power. We have all these energies at hand, many have already perfected many alternatives and as time goes by with public and government persuasion, we will do it better.

Yes our GREEN LIGHT is just around the corner, for some one out there has the brains, the insight, the guts and the money to say “Just do it” we believe we may have already met that a few persons who have the ability and insightful and delivery and gutsy ones who says “yes lets do it”


Keep your fingers crossed, we are developing for an electric motor for a  car company, lets hope it is one who will bring you the sexiest and most affordable reliable electric motor car by 2010.

8-8-08 Chinese Olympics open prosperity is in abundance.

Up date, in numerology I am a number 8 and in my 8th year with another 8 to boot. In Chinese a number 8 means prosperity, to day is the 8-8-08, and to day I was given a gift of a bright light in a visionary person who’s wings spread far and wide and will fly high and strong for us. Welcome friend the world awaits us…..


WE ARE WORKING ON IT…….              



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