Reality spoken and reality felt are 2 different things.

Reality spoken and reality felt are 2 different things.

Love; there are so many levels, can there be a love that incorporates them all? Can you love some one so completely and in every way and be all the each other that any one would every need?

No I am afraid I believe that one cannot. To love some one for their mind, heart soul, body and spirit I do not feel that one can completely not sustain it over time.

If only we could love some one, some of the way and letting the other feeling go, is that enough? Yes I believe you can love truly that way. But if the spirit does not love wholly then I believe you cannot love completely.

We do not all find our soul mates, we many not find some one who makes our heart flutter, we find some one who excites our mind who lights up our bodies, but I believe that for true complete love you need the spirit to be united for with out that your love cannot fly.

To know how to love in heart, in mind, in body and in soul that can unite in spirit is the most wonderful love of all. It is every thing, it is life, it is love at its finest. But if the spirit wavers, do all the other loves fade too?

I do honestly believe that you can love someone with just one component. Heart, mind, body, soul, and if you have all of these together you have love with some one you trust who you can be truthful with and who will always be there for you no matter what.

This love is solid, grounding, and honest, but is not a love made of desire of spirit of sensuality. It is one of partner ship, deep friend ship and one of complete trust.

To love some intimately, you need that spirit to fly, the senses to feel and the excitement of each day. In order for the spirit to sustain, you need to back it up with the heart, mind, body and if lucky soul. None of these and ll you have is lust or be it good.

We strive through our lives to find some to love so completely, the partner who will stand by you no matter what, the friend that will always be there for you, the soul mate who will protect you, the body that will embrace you and the spirit that binds you.

We experience all sorts of levels of this and if we are lucky we experience the whole thing at once, which is the most exhilarating thing in life all together. But can it sustain its self? Not without holding on to it and nurturing it. For if you do not water the spirit, it dies. The soul is deep enough to hold on to, the heart may take the blow, the mind will rationalize, the body reacts, but if the spirit is not there that is no true life to the relation ship, no true complete feelings.

I have experienced it all. Heart ,mind, body, soul, spirit and love. The soul gives me peace some thing I can count on, the heart is pain full as it feels too much, the head which becomes to logical and try’s to find some thing left in it all, the body that aches for that true touch but the most thing is the spirit for with out that there is no love passion blood running through your veins, no sense of true life.

I have experienced it all on every level. The time that is was all complete was the most exhilarating and freeing feeling I have every experienced, the time I felt most alive and the time I felt most loved in my whole life, and that I no longer have.

If the spirit died, what is in its place is true love of soul, heart, mind and friend ship? This solid and in truth and will always be there. But with out the spirit it cannot fly any more and cannot feel free to simply love and be loved in pure honesty.

What would send the spirit away……. Life, life gets its way, the trial and tribulations of every day life interferes with the spirit and forms a heavy blanket of life around you that the spirit if not united can not escape from.

With the spirit in tact nothing can waver you from that love, but if guilt pain or doubt get in the way, it is like a virus to the spirit eating it away.

The challenge to love through thick and thin is titanic. To keep that love lit no matter what takes 2 people who have to believe in their love no matter what. It also has to have the unite all the body of passion of physical love for each other, or the love no matter how strong cannot and will not survive.

How do we honestly love? Some say it is the mind, yes that is big for me, for if I can not speak with you and respect your mind I can not communicate with you and that is eventually going to ruin a relationship. Some say it is the heart, yes; we need our hearts to tell us we love for the pumping of the heart is an indication of how we feel. Some say the soul, I agree; to have a soul mate is the depth of trust and truth the protection of each other. Some say one cannot live with out physical love. It depends on what relation ship you have. For complete love with you most defiantly need a compatible physical love. If the spirit is with you, it is a physical love that will take you to heights that you never though possible. But every day companion ship does not need sex, as love as you do not need it.

This companion love is one of a different front. It is a love that wants to be together and can be so comfortable and trusting. One can even have very nice sexual relations but not sexual highs, for that you need the spirit.

SO DO WE HAVE A SAY IN IT ALL? Or does God decide who and how we are going to love?

I wish that I did not have the longing for the spiritual love, that I did not have the need to feel love. I wish that I could live peacefully with companion love. One side of me cans, but the other side of which I have no control over will not. It screams at me to love in a spiritual way to love entirely inside and out, to need and receive it all. Am I being greedy, is there such a thing, am I being selfish to want to love in peace and in passion?

I do not think that I am the one to decide this, for the passion with in me is begging to come out and to love some one in a spiritual way that is RECIPROCATED.

Chemistry, it is either there of not, when it is, it is heaven. When it is one-sided it is hell. When you love some one so truly but the passion is not compatible it is hell. But when you love some one and cannot be to them what they need it is double hell.

Loved and loving in all ways but the spiritual passion. What does one do? Are you excepting of the situation do you give in and suppress the passion wanting to come out? Do you hurt the one you love more by omitting it? Or is the love you have honest enough to face the truth? I am not enough for him and he cannot give me in truth what I crave from him. So there is only one thing to do. I let him go. I wish for him a love that will fulfill his desire but I continue to love him in all other ways, for that love is in truth and is strong and is needed for both people to complete our lives.

If any one comes into our lives that can fulfill the spiritual needs that both of us in our spiritual being need, we will still love one another, would we still be there for one another, and share in the joy of each others new love.

Will it be painful at first! Yes, for we would not want this, we wanted to be together forever, and we would be but just in a different way.

When the pain would come of which we would help each other through. Now our spirits can come together with out the fear of letting each other down. Now we can unite in the way we did before in a way that was not threatening and in an honest way of sharing a common dream.

Love them forever no matter what always be here for each other, in your sadness, struggles, triumphs and in your future love. Count on each other for you can.

By Sara Towe

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