To much sadness, but a loss that brings a future…

She has lost so any people that she loves. Her mother and father, her brother and her nephew now her sister. Too much loss and too much pain.

I have known this woman for 18 years now, our children played sports together and we were in each other’s lives. We both had undying love for our children and both reached out to people to aid them in their lives. Every one thought that we were the strong ones and could cope with any thing, but did not expect to be there for us.

We were there for each other, when things were bad we helped each other, when we were both broke we fed each other, when we were down we picked each other up, but most importantly we believed in each other.

I owe a lot to Sandy Wintle, for she always believed in me even when I did not. Her faith in me helped me see my own life and her direction for me aiding in me making decisions to better my existence. She has had a big impact in my life and I owe her a lot.

Sandy is one of those people who unknowingly helps people by her words and feelings for that person. Her spirituality is sound and her journey to enlightenment is ever in motion. She does not always follow her own visions, because she has a tendency to be to analytical, a desire to have to understand it all and not just trust it and follow the path given to her.

Now after shoulder operations, job exploitation and life disappointment she has had to yet again face another family member dying. Her sister Sharon had lost her only son 19 years ago in a stupid accident that never should have happened. She never got over it and no matter how she tried just never had any value of life in her to give. She had buried her mother, father, brother and son, and even though she really loved her sister Sandy and nephew Nick and niece Carly, her loss was just too much and at the age of 53 her heart gave out.

Sandy is lucky to have 2 children that love her so deeply and that are so close to her, for this is Sandy’s Anker. They are a tight loving trio who are always there for each other and share in every thing in their lives.

As a reader I have told Sandy that her life is about to start again and for the better. Right now a good new life makes her feel quilt, as Sharon will not be with her. But it is what Sharon wants, I have felt Sharon presence and she is finally at peace for the first time in 19 years. She is with her Mathew and she is in warmth and spiritually happily entwined with her boy. Now together they will be behind Sandy and the kids to find a place of happiness of joy and of purpose and of love, for it is what she deserves and it is what every one wants for her.

Strength is mostly silent, it is not mussels, not power, but a force of ability to keep on keeping on no matter what the challenges are in life’s way. Sandy Wintle is one the strongest women I know, and I know that it is her time for her to glow in life, her time to love and a time of joy that she richly deserves.

With Carly and Nick by her side and Sharon and Mathew behind her, Sandy will live the life that she was meant to live for her self and for all those that are unable to now.

God speed Sandy, the Gods are with you, we are with you and I will always be there for you. TRUST IN THE GODS FOR THEY WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN, FOLLOW YOUR DESTINY AND LIVE IT AS YOU WERE ALWAYS MEANT TOO.

Love you girl.


So far Sharon and her son Matthew have already redirected Sandy and Carly’s life for the batter. Now that she is untied with her son, they will both be the positive wind behind Sandy and her children. You go girl.

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