At the cross road of life yet again.

I have just had another birthday and I am in my numerology 8th year. This is meant to be my harvest year, a year of reaping the rewards of hard work and diligence, I am so happy to be in this year.

In the last 4 years I have taken so many roads that I am feeling dizzy. But in order to get where I am going these roads were necessary. There is no straight line in life nor should there be. Every twist and turn takes us  to another understanding, meeting new people and learning new lessons. I always say its not a wrong direction but a re-direction, we learn good or bad from every thing we do, or we should do.

No matter where I am now, (at the bottom of the pile) I have no regrets. Could I should I have done things better! Maybe, it was the lessons that I had to learn on the way to my destination not the destination its self. When I do get there I will be so much more knowledgeable and wiser and more able to cope with the enormity of it all.

So its re-direction time again, which is proving to be very interesting. New projects new people new fields, but in the end they all come back to the ezOne motor and what it stands for. But for now we will take this new direction and see whom we meet and what inspirational ideas come out of it.

It is all innovation, the motor, the creative new site we will be building for a new industry, the new soft ware to use, the new peoples to brain wave with. It is exciting to be around new energy, we have been so tied up with the motor that a new direction will help us see things from a different angle with new eyes and hopefully with new innovation.

The mark of my birthday is what have I learnt and accomplished thus far. We are never to old to embrace possibilities. Age is just a different point of view seen by years of experience and inner wisdom’s of living it. So it is not growing older but growing wiser with a more direct ability to see what is in front of you and know when to embrace it. I do feel sorry for those that are fearful of growing old. And aches n pains aside there is a peace to the knowingness and an un-urgency of life in its self. Knowing that there is another day to accomplish things and that we must enjoy this day for tomorrow never really comes and we are always left with today to live in. So enjoy your present, the golden moments of time, renew your selves in vision and excitement, and never sit back complacently but walk forward always in possibilities, for we are never to old to get out of life what we want to see in it and in what we choose to participate in.

Age is in the body but it is the mind that controls all, so think happy, healthy, joyful and adventurous for the mind loves joy and so will the body.

To all those Libra’s out there, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and good luck with the balancing.

Up date no matter what you do in life, all success come from people. Who you know at the time of need and if they see your possibility and want to help you along. I believe that yet again I may have met such a person in a delightful woman who is an intuitive like me. She is a loverly person with much insight and knows what we are doing and with the help of her men, son and husband, can leads us down another road to success. Unlike the young man I met in the summer who had a wonderful gift and so much worldly possibility, he did not have the respect or focus to follow any thing through, some thing I do hope he learns through life. This lady, Mary-Anne, whom I met by chance (nothing is by chance is it!) is warm loving true to her self and wise. I hope that she and I will speak again soon and that I am not loosing it in my ability to read people. I see so much in them that they do not always see in them selves. Here is hoping, for a good friend of the true kind and are rare things indeed.

Up date, Mary-Anne gave me a contact to someone who may be interested in the motor, they seam to be interested and we are seeing them this week. Life is about what you know an who some one else knows that can link you together for a better good. Nothing is by chance only be design and a willingness to help people on their journeys through life. Thanks Mary-Anne, no matter what may come out of it, thanks for the belief.

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