What happened to Lora Lee?

A strong woman with amazing talents, where did it go what happened to her? You come across some people who have a gift, and their gift is for mankind. Their understanding and intuitive nature allows them to see things in a clearer light and shed that light for others to follow in.

How can some one who has embraced the true nature of natural birth and been so in touch with her own body spirit and mind, how does she get so angry that she would kick it all away?

I speak of a woman who’s love of birthing and passion for showing women their inerrable rights in birthing and who has her self has had 9 children, could end up so hate full. How can some one who has shared so much love give so much hate?

Balance, pain, a missing link with The Mother God and I believe a chemistry imbalance. This woman who has done so much for others for got to do some thing for her self. She loved herself as a birthing mother but did she love her self as a woman. She did at one time love her man Bill but mother love became all encompassing with no room for him and in turn her.

They loved who they were and what they did, but I do believe that they could not completely love each other in truth and honesty, as they could not give each other the honour they both were due. She became Goddess of birth and with such a strong passion running in her blood even that passion was not enough to fulfil her.

Did she buy into the fact she thought she was a Goddess? Did she become almighty? Or was it that she just did not feel any more, that her true honest love for her self and her God was distorted and she had lost her way?

She went on to write a book casting aside the wonderful informational birth-love site even her children and most defiantly her husband. I believe that it was somewhat an erotic book again tapping into her considerable passions. But maybe all of this was just that she was not getting the passion or looking for it in out side ways. I know that her marriage was not easy; I know that as a physical woman she would have been left wanting. I know that because I am now with her ex husband and I know how he works. He is a true Green personality, an analyst a thinker a very spiritual soul who some times forgets what other people need from him. He does not do it maliciously for he does truly love me and still in some ways still love her. He does it because he just cannot feel the same way we do and does not understand the disconnect that it leaves behind. I am a grown woman who speaks up when I am pissed of, but Lora Lee was only 18 when they met and they had their first child very early, not giving them selves time to really connect and understand who they both really are.

But it was not just him, her issues with her parents, with life in its self and her compulsive nature led her to live a life of extremes pure highs and crashing lows, how could any one find any peace in such imbalance! She seams to be only really a peace when she is amongst the woods, the trees of peace and tranquility. She can hibernate for hour’s days and get truly lost in the spirit of the forest. But the first time I went to her house I did not know that she was at the bottom of the garden hiding, but what I did feel was a great over whelming sorrow.

She has lost her way, she has lost her connection, she wanted him gone and he finally went. She wanted him out of her life forever and made sure that would happen. But what I think she did with the connection to his children was a Lora Lee extreme; she turned the children against him in hate and in fear. For that I am disgusted with her, but I know that in her disability to love evenly and that she is an all or nothing person, that this was her way of hurting him for what he could not give her and of which she so desperately needed, connective love not just spiritual love.

Now 2 years later, we have children who hate their father for delusional reasons, and fear him because she has made him an evil enemy. Does this make her feel loved once more, does it fulfil the hole with in her, does it breed the harmony that she wrote about in birth-love so much??? Is she happier for hating so much and living that hate every day? Or has killed her soul, her God given connection to inner peace her desire to be loved in full for who you are?

He has not been able to see his children in over 2 years, every time he has tried; she has made them run from him. No calls no responding to calls, no letters, and no contact at all. Has he managed it right? I would have preferred he fought for them tooth and nail, but you cannot fight a tornado, you cannot reason with it, it only wants to destroy. So now he hopes that the tornado is burnt out, he can go amongst the rubble and try and build a new relationship with his kids and try and heal all the hurt and pain that has been entailed from this hatred this venom, which has left every one a little, poisoned.

So I ask how can a woman who was so intuitive, so in tuned with the body, so gifted in her passion of truth, end up living such a lie and causing so much pain. What happened to her to go from such love to such hate? It has to be more than just discontent, more than envy, more that just getting back at some one, her balance is so off that if some one does not reach out to her to help her (if she will let any one near she does not associate with any one) I fear she will just give up on life and every one in it.

We can not place blame here, this is not about that, but about understanding how to help some one who is in so much pain that they can only lash out and hurt every one around them. How do we help her find that love again, that purpose that gave her so much love and gratitude? Ultimately she has to come to terms with her self and her actions for no healing starts till ones sees things for what they really are and faces who we have become. Every thing destructive comes from pain, comes from sorrow, she needs to face that pain and sorrow and let it go so that she can grow again in her own light and find the peace with herself in order to attract it form any where else. This takes time diligence, there are no quick fixes but only tenacity in the belief of freedom from the pain of our lives and inner turmoil’s.

Eleven people are hurt when there use to be so much love. For what, for whom and why, who benefits from it all? I have been down this path of pain hurt disillusionment and distrust. I have lived the in the lies and the devaluing of ones person. I do know what it is about, but to go to such extremes of hurtful hatred to get back at some one of whom you did not want any more, is destructive and a distraction from the real issues. No matter how we try, we cannot out run our hate our pain and inner lies. Face on deal with it, let go of it and rebuild it, learn to love for the right reasons and give love unconditionally and in honour and in truth, only then can we live honest productive and worthwhile lives.

Please send out love to this woman so that she can learn to feel again what it is like to know love over hate.

God Bless you Lora Lee, I wish you honest love and inner truth, please find the courage to face those inner demons and let them go.

Blessings with you.

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