What a difference a week makes.

Last week we were facing living out of our car at the end of the month. Now we have a great roof over our heads and we are back on track with work coming in and a renewed sense of purpose.

When the Gods say “I am giving you all you asked for now get out of my way,” one had better do it. They may work in their own time-table, but if you have asked for help and direction then what you have to do is open your channels to hear and see in which direction they send you in, it is always the one you need.

I am feeling for the first time in ages a feeling of grounding. We may only be here in this residence for a few months, but it feels like home and I feel like making it a home again, Rochelle and her friend Kevin who own the place have made it cozy and inviting plus supplied us with some unique furniture to pad things out with. I have my stuff coming from storage on Monday, (not my American stuff which is a full apartments worth) but my dishes, clothes, pieces and nick knacks that make a home. I can entertain again which I used to enjoy so much, but have not done in years.

When we were at our lowest, still having to wait for a contract to come through in time so we could get a house to move to, I reached out to society on Craige’s list with a plea for help. Somewhere to stay with the animals for a few days till we could afford to move. Out of the clouds came a wonderful soul called Cassica, a woman of love and understanding, we talked for hours and just knowing that she gave us an option, a place to rest our heads with our furry babies, was enough to break the curse upon us.

She gave us hope, a sense of hopefulness a security of a bed to rest our heads on, and that in all its genuineness was all we needed to turn things around. We have not met yet, but we both know a lot about each other. I consider her a friend and look forward to her and her family coming over for dinner where I can honor her for the giving soul that she is. I was in pain and she was my rescue and I am profoundly grateful for knowing some cared enough to reach out a hand.

It is funny how the past renews its self. Bill got a contract from one of his old companies and is in talks with another company that he co-founded many years ago. We needed to get out of our rut with the motor development, and diving into other projects right now, not only gives us peace of mind, but also gives us a different platform from which to spring from. A new level of people and new opportunities to reach the visionaries that we so need.

I have to say also, that Barak Obama winning the Presidential seat has given me hope for the future. With his ability to cross colour, age, strata and political boundaries, makes me feel that he will be a president that will bring an equilibrium back to the world as the world embraces his calm logical and persuasive nature, he will truly be the leader to bring balance to America and the world. I am Canadian, yet I feel joy and pride also for the hope he brings to us in doing business in America with out the fear we have had in the past.

So the lesson learned is this, believe, project, be willing to jump out in to the obis of faith with trust and let the Gods and people help you get to where you need to go. It is hard when you are facing hunger and homelessness, but faith must be kept in order for the hope to be delivered. It is all a lesson for us, not to forget the ones in daily need when we ignite out Green Light Trust Fund to help those who are trying but need a base from which to grow in. No regrets, for these lessons in life bring us closer to the joys in life.

Thank you Sam, our old landlord for your understanding and just being such an honorable person, thank you Jan for always being my rock, thank you Tyler for your constant rescue and Craig’s list for giving us all the things we ask of you, and thank you Kokomo and Sativa for being such loving and trusting pets. Bill and I appreciate all of it from every one.

So never give up nor give in, keep thinking positive in order to live positively, faith and trust will lead you out of any dark corner just see you way out and they will lead the way.

God Bless every one and may there be light in your life al all times.

By Sara Towe

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