Don’t just look to the skies for an Angel, look at your friends.

I do not know what we would have done with out her, my special Angel my good friend. No matter what has happened to me in the years that I have known her, (now 30 years) she has always been there for me. downloadang
When my house had a fire, she was there, when moving house she was there for the kids and to help packing. When I broke my ankle she was they’re hauling me up into her van, which was a hoot and driving me around and waiting hours in emergency.
Now times are tough for us, as I have invested every thing into the development of our ezOne electric motor. With government cut backs and the wrong financial institution approaching us we have come to a stand still and we are deeply in debt.
While getting back on our feet with our other work and doing this at a time when the whole world is at a financial stand still, my guardian Angel has rescued us again in so many ways, that not only money could repay.
She is a believer in our technology and in us and that belief helps keep it all going. We are developers and do not understand why with the economic and environmental issues upon us today, that with our adaptable, economical, job creating and efficient electric motor is not being supported as it is an answer to so many issues; but there is some one out there who is gutsy enough to join us some one with a good ability of clear vision like my friend, but who has the ability to financially join us.

With all the ups and downs and stops and starts highs and lows, I could not have got through them with out friends like Jan.

We have a slogan, “Never give up & Never give in,” and with people like my Angel Jan Berney we will not give up nor give in for we owe people like her more than just money but to succeed in our development because people like her believed in us, we can not and will not let her down.
Look at our government circus act right now and see that it is us the common man and women who will make the difference in these times, for we do have the power and fortitude to do what the government is unwilling to do and will be squabbling about for years to come. We must step up to the plate and make the differences, we must take the reigns or will we get completely left behind and become a global joke.

With people like us and our ezOne electric motor drive system and people like Jan and others blowing the positive wind in our direction and people like you who are tired of the promises and want to be apart of the solution, we make us succeed. Then all the Angels like Jan, my mother family and friends who believed in us, and the Green Light Foundation will all  reap the benefits of supporting and believing in some one ordinary with a credible dream.

When I started radio hosting then the radio station she was right behind me, believing in me being my advocate and that means a lot to my confidence.

Thank you Jan, for your faith in us, for your friend ship and for every thing else that you have done for us. It does not just mean a place to sleep food to eat, but the joy of knowing that some who has your integrity and heart is behind us in every way.
Love you girl and will always be there for you when ever you need me. So Angel, spread those wings for they bring much joy and love to all that know you and for all those who you have been there for these many years, both living and dead, for knowing you has made a positive difference in their lives.

Now she is taking me to Mexico for 2 weeks just because she thinks I need a break, if that ain’t an Angel then I don’t know what is. imagesmexico

Respect always

Up dated March 11th 2015

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