May be this time!!!!

Could it be that we have found a match? Is this it what we have been waiting for? Can we dare to believe that we have found that connection that we have for so long being pursuing?

Maybe: we feel good about this one, and that optimistic feeling has not been there for a while. He acted quickly, understood what it is we have, liked it and will deliver it to the deciders.

So now we wait in bated breath and on tipi toes to see if our faith in investors/ money loaners will finally take this product of our electric motor drive system to the next level.

We have always believed that we needed the right connection, ones with insight and global understanding. Also people who were not only in it for the money but also for the heart of it and what the motor means to millions of people around the word not only because of what it is, but because on the Green Light Foundation it funds and inspires.

They say that in business that you can have no heart, its just business. But I believe that with out heart and a conscience you cannot succeed, for profit with out purpose is just money and that kind of money eats away at ones soul to be all encompassing and dictating.

So now we wait pray and believe that this time is the time for our green light to come on. Now is the time to bring to this economic stressed world an industry that ticks of the boxes we all need.

1. Green technology

2. Adaptable and adoptable.

3. Economic growth in the job sector.

4. Global growth and stabilisation.

So visionest, we wait you call and look forward to moving forward and following our dream to help this world grow in a healthy way and create hope for others along the way.

Fingers crossed………

It seams to me that money finders are a bread of their own. I have not yet found one to be upfront, honest or efficient. They behave as if they are doing you a favour rather than a professional transaction between to mutual gaining parties. Money does make the world go round for it creates advocates, produces and secures the lives of many,. The money people have put us in this situation right now with the economy not the hard working businesses trying to make a difference. A different attitude needs to happen in order for the economy has a chance to grow again, and empty shallow money finders who only want to boost their ego by player Mr Big Shot are the distorters of advancement.
Egos gone please lets take real talk.

Sara Towe


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