New Hope A New Day A New Obama World.

It does not matter whether you are black or white, as the song goes, for tomorrow January 20th 2009 a new hope is ignited. I am a middle aged white Canadian/British woman who has lived in South Africa, the States and has traveled to many parts of the world.
I do not care about colour defining the person but the character and their integrity. Religion, colour, sex, it is just a tool in the personality of any of us. To have such an impact like President elect Obama has, is because of his strength of character, the belief in the core of him as a person and in faith that he is the answer to equalizing and balancing his country and bringing some order to the world.
I will watch in pride, in hope and in knowingness that he does have what it takes to accomplish it all.
President Obama, is a Lion /OX. An excellent sign for what he has to do. Lions have enough self-awareness to know how others see them. Ox are strength at the very core of the land, they do not make decisions lightly or speedily, but then they do they make them with all the knowledge that they can muster and with a rooting that only grounded people like him understand.obamaface

I am with an OX, he is brilliant, knowledgeable and has a knack of listening to what the earth has to say and following the natural path of the Gods. Stubborn, yes, right most do the time yes. Listeners yes, loyal and truthful most defiantly.

In short, President Obama is a gift for he has the gift of their Gods to bring balance and peace to his own country that in turn will ricochet across the world.
Well-done Barack Obama, thank you for taking on this job and thank you for making it easy to have faith in you and all that you stand for. Now go and be that strength, lead us like a King and we will honor you and follow you in to victory of a united and prosperous United States of America, and please strengthen Canada and perhaps inspire it to follow your lead.
Go with the wind at your back, the sun on your brow, the earth solidly at your feet and the Gods in your heart. You have my faith in you as so many others do, now go and bring the sunshine back into our lives and hope in our souls and joy in our spirit.
Blessings strength and insight be with you always and remember the love you have in sighted and the faith that we have in you.

God Bless you
Sara Towe

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