I am ready for this New Year; I have been waiting for it for a whole year. I cannot say that the last year to 18 months have been good ones, but now is the new, the hope and belief that this will be our year.
Some times we are ahead of our selves and no matter what you do or in what direction you go in, you cannot move forward. I believe in any thing you do you must have the right people around you. Timing, it is exact, the right time for every thing and for every one who is needed to come together in a mutual direction.
The inner journey has to be done alone, who else can look in that turmoil and sort it out but you. It is not enough to have a clear mind; the soul, heart and spirit need to be clear also in order to let positive prospective and needed action out. We wonder why when we think we know the answers that things go astray. It is because we not only need to think them but feel then and intricately know them for us to have a complete understanding of the answer to our many questions.
A vision is just that until it is shared and inspires others to follow and make it happen. The architect has the vision in his mind, but one needs the builders, landscapers and interior design people to make it a working thing of beauty.
A thing of functional beauty is always a work in progress. In order to keep building you have to keep the final vision firmly in place or you can lose direction and sight of what you are doing in the first place. Sharing that vision and allowing others input could expand on what you are building making it more viable and distinctive.
Our plans got lost for a while, we were showing them to the wrong people and the vision got distorted by their limited view of life and for a while our plans lost their direction and beauty.
It does not matter how good it is to start with, but how great you make it along the way. Some times seeing it from that distorted view helps you to see flaws that other wise would have been over looked. Or it is also a test to ones belief in the project that no matter the lack of vision from others that you can still see the final outcome in trust and complete conviction, no matter what.
So a new year with new people to inspire, new visions to send out. The time is right, the time is now and the ones who have open eyes clear hearts and honest souls will not only see it, but will be wanting to be apart of this wonderful design of technology and all the possibilities that it brings to the world.
From seed to final product, the journey is one of many ups and downs. But when we finally launch this inventive technology into the world and gain all of the advantages that is promises, no amount of downs would dampen the journey, for you need both to have good balance, and now is the time for the good balance to come into play to even things out.
So never give on your dream, never give in, just bend redirect and keep believing and you will get there and it will be more beautiful and wondrous than you ever anticipated it to be.

By Sara Towe

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