A Dreamed Shared is a Dream Ignited.

For four years I have been walking towards a new life a new person with in me. The strange thing is what I am getting is as big as I saw for my self but yet even bigger than what I could see.
Let me say that what is happening to me right now is more complete as to what I wanted to happen to me; and yet I feel extremely comfortable with what is happening as if I am finally moving into my own skin.
I lived the first 50 years of my life totally for other people. People’s approval, bending for people, at the beckon call of people. It took me all that time to realize that my calling in life did not mean at my expense but at the growth and deliverance of my self.
The last 4 years has been the most growth I have had not only in this lifetime but also all of my life times put together. I know who I am now, what I represent and in what strength I have with in me. I am living in and listening with my soul, feeling with my heart, and understanding with my head. I am so at one with myself that I am happy to finally know me.
Do not confuse this with vanity, but with coming into my confidence and understanding of my direction and now be able to follow the road in complete confidence and knowingness. Being whole.
Life is ironic; most people look at me as an uneducated and scattered person. Some as unqualified and unable to follow this path never mind having the ability to lead. But those that know my inner person who can see my spirit and soul, know even if they do not understand, they just know that I am meant to do this and will succeed at it.
For the first 50 years I was always 2 people, one unworthy one all-powerful. Now I am one, I have strength that will allow me to have a very strong powerful company which will go far not just in distance but in rooting its self as a stable industry for a long time to come.
Now the people that will be around me, will be the people that grow industrial life, powerful people that will align with us because of mutual gain. Leaders in their own right and I will stand on my own 2 feet face to face and lead my company into a grounded and wonderful prosperous future.

ezone-motor1-150x150 (2)My partner is the instrument of which this company if built for. His invention is the very innovation behind the reason for me founding this company, financing this company and reaching out for like-minded people to become apart of this journey, with out him there would not be a company, with out me there would not be an electric  motor, we make the whole and now others will help us complete the system.
Having people around me that feel the same about what we are doing and wanting to develop and protect the company is most essential. Spiritual and intuitive people with personality and loyalty to me, is ineludibly definite. Ones success is not just the idea but the people who help you develop and grow the idea.
So one must be willing to make the journey, willing to give up every thing to succeed and willing to have the patients  and tenacity that no matter what, you will reach for your vision and be the person who you are meant to be, because you have taken the long hard tumultuous journey with out ever giving up or giving in no matter what.
Now I go into the busiest time of my life with more responsibility than I could ever have know. But yet I feel so excited and ready for it as I know that this is what I have been growing towards for all of my life.
With God with in me, good people with me and balance around me, I now have the strength to build this empire which helps and liberates so many people to the best it all can possibly be.
Thank to my partner for believing in me, thank you to my family for supporting me and thank you to the friends who have believed in my destiny and me and be there in so many ways, I will not let you down.

NOW IN 2013 I am going in many directions, a radio host and networker, founder of a NPO , co/developer of a personality awareness program and still an electric motor developer.PLV-unity-logo 3a I have had my ups and downs alone the way, but today I am in sync with my soul purpose and divine journey and loving my direction. 

You can catch me on air at    http://plv-radio.

See what Unity Fund-Action is all about http://plv-unity.org 

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