Got a keep up or we will be left behind.

Technology, the fastest moving industry in the world. It is hard to perceive that just 20 odd  years ago, pagers were the big thing, Internet a sci-fi and iPod wasn’t that a kids TV program!
Now just 20 odd years later we cannot keep up with our selves. Technology is moving faster than the sound of light and most defiantly faster than people’s adaption of it.
They say we only use a fraction of our brain, but what we are required to learn every day must be either expanding the brainpower of blowing its fuses. The coordination of brain body and comprehension is like a dance; one false step and you are on your ass. So how does the common man keep a breast of it all with out feeling as obsolete as yesterday’s technology?
Whenever you buy a new piece of technical equipment, it always comes with a Manuel, one that only the people who wrote it understand. So they come out with books like Computers for Dummies and you still don’t get it because it is not your computer but another one they are talking about, and you feel even more stupid than before.
Just when you have got the hang of it, they come out with a bigger (or so smaller) one and yours is now a dinosaur and you have to learn all over again. OH BOY!!!!!
So how did I, a techno ignorant get involved with a technology so huge so amazing so inspiring and so worldly when I don’t know nothing? Well I simply saw the application, the need for such a thing and the how it worked and why did not matter, just what it could do and the effect it would have on global society.
Now 3 years after the initial development and speaking with the money boys, it is less about the technology but more about the money and influence on other technologies that is more important. It is who gets to dominate the most first in order to stay ahead in the game, for unless you monopolizes you will get left behind by the next technology that is getting the backing it needs.
All business is a game, first to the finish line, keep being first, staying ahead by monifing development and getting the best brains to keep you number one. Well all righty then, I am in. Give me enough money to develop, buy and secure future developments and I will give you a technology that will lead for years to come, thus making the money man a very rich man.

What comes around goes around, so have riches, share, inspire, fund and pay it forward. For if you do not, you will be one of those yesterday success that got high and fell hard.
So make me rich, enrich my company, for I have a dream that will allow innovators to grow and develop, the dreamers to full fill their dreams the down and out to uplift and dignity to be returned.
cyclzone_home_logoI make no apologies for playing the game as long as I can honestly hold my head up high, look people in the eye and empower people to seek the  vision of their dreams. My companies technology is a gift to the earth, to the jobless to the struggling companies trying to stay alive, I make no apologies for making this world a better place to live in, to dream in, to apply those dreams, for where would we be with out them? Still trying to invent the wheel.

Sara Towe ( President of Cyclzone Technologies)

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