My Eternal Sunshine

Sunshine brings so much hope of well beginnings and a sense of any thing is possible. I can hear the birds twitting, see buds growing and it does not matter that 2 days ago we had snow again, the spring is springing into action and I am dreaming of spring in full bloom.
Can we ever fully live up to our dreams? Are they just an illusion an out of body experience? What we envision for our selves to some would just be empty daydreams wasting time and energy. BUT alas I disagree for with out the dreamers, what would the universe know what to give us, how can the Gods know what to give you if you cannot paint in your head first? We paint our desired landscape filled with people we wont to know, abilities we would like to have and the wisdom to do it all. So if you can see it to paint it, feel it and taste it, then simply make it happen.
We can just dream, or we can give the dream life by implementing it by bringing it in to reality. I had a dream, I thought it unreachable, and I thought I was not worthy and not bright enough to make it happen. I underestimated my self big time. I dared to step into my dream and blind death and dumb, I led it or it led me who knows, out into the light of day and into a reality.
Now some years later I look back to that person that used to just dream and could not attach that dream to a reality, and I know that although the journey has been a long one, coming from non-existence into life takes time, here I am, I am the dream, the desire, the reality all that I deemed worthy of me before I was worthy of it.
I am now at the brink of living full time in this dream I dreamt and it is bigger than I thought it could be, deeper and wider and more encompassing than I would every have thought I could dream up. I have stepped into my true self, the dream, I am following my desire, I am accomplishing some thing that I did not know I every had in me, and I am now the competent wise and strong woman of my dreams.
I am blessed, for no matter what was thrown at me, or pushed against me, I pushed back, threw back and kept walking forward even though at times it was on my knees, I got there, I am living it, and I am proof of that dreams visualized and believed in with positive action will and can come true beyond your wildest dreams.
So I say fare the well to an old out dated life and step into this woman in my old dreams and live the life I dared to dream for my self. All that held me back was not believing that I wacky, dumb and uneducated person I thought my self to be, is in fact a very knowledgeable and visual and competent woman who is the woman I wished to be (except for the long legged skinny part, we don’t get every thing only what counts) So dare to dream, dare to believe that you can be and then find the courage to go out there and make it happen always believing that Yes You Can.

Written March 2004

updated January 5 th 2013

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