Prouder than proud.

tashas-new-image-gradI have so much pride for my daughter Tasha right now that I am bursting with it. Smiles stretching my face, eyes watering up, heart jumping for joy and puffed up like a balloon filled with pure air. I am so proud of my little girl for her talent commitment and dedication to her craft acting.
Last night Tasha my 20-year-old daughter had her graduation from Acting school had a premier of a movie that her and her fellow students wrote and acted in. The movie was about 7 individual peoples lives entwining together each lost in their confusion and misdirection all trying to make sense of it all.
My girl played a cocaine angry drunk philosopher and she did it so convincingly that I had to look at her twice to relies it was my girl. I have now seen her in 3 productions with this school (New Image) each one requiring her to dig deep into her unknown and produce a person that we can identify with and most importantly feel for.
TASHA TOWE did that, she gave us realistic person that you wanted to understand and feel for, she became (with out giving her self up) a character that drew you in and wanted to help out. Watching my little girl pretend to snot cocaine and be so completely f –ked up was a hug stretch to the secure, grounded caring intuitive person that she really is.
She is continuing the acting tradition of her Grand Mama Joanne North, the writing skills of her Uncle Sam North, the acting bug of her father Tony Towe and the intuitive instincts of her mother Sara Towe. We call all be proud of her today, for the accolades given to her last night from teaches, agents, fellow students and even students to be, were well deserved and most encouraging to her and to me. As she has said, “Now I believe in the right industry and that I can do it”
Yes you can and will my love, for you have the vision, instincts, fortitude and professionalism and the not least the talent to get you there.
Well done Tasha, I have always been proud of you for who you are and in what you stand for, and now I am so proud that you have got the recognition that you deserve and that my pride and faith in you is bursting at the seams.
I love you and stand tall when calling your name.
Sara Towe, Feb 27th/09

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