Burn out and MELT down

I had a melt down, boy did I. All the frustration all the disappointment all the bull sh….t that I have been through in the last 2 years, just came to ahead and exploded.
It is not that I stopped believing, only that I was saturated in anger and stagnation that I did not have any energy left in me to care or walk and inch forward. I am just human I have only so much energy, only so much force in me, I just got used up and felt shat out.
Now 3 days letter after a little sleep and blocking life out completely, I am back ready to fight for what I believe in again and got the fight back in me to move forward.
I suppose that one has to empty out now and again in order to receive the new and replenish ones soul. I do feel better, calmer, still tired but more peaceful and less anxious about my journey ahead.
So if things are getting to you, and your feel the world closing in, just screen, cry, yell, let it out all out, then sleep, forget in order to rebuild, for with the crap out of your system, you can concentrate on all the possibilities rather that the realities that get out of proportion.
Life is a challenge, it is a maze, it is confusion. But if you keep your focus on what feels right even though it is not showing it right now, and keep walking forward towards that vision backed by the positive feeling to guide you.
But if along the way you meet those challenges and they get too much, then remember to let it out before the inevitable crash happens, or if too late, just let it happen don’t apologies for it just let it out, then recoup and move forward in positivity.

This is what the journey of life is about, ups and downs, the real story is, how do we LIVE with them? up or down.

Sara Troy

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