Here we go again another move

It seams that ever 5-6 months we move, always hoping that this time it will be for a while and in the States, but alas another hurry up and wait and move again.
So this time every thing is going into storage and we will rent a place fully furnished so we can move next time from storage to a home in Seattle (we hope for). Moving is a bitch but under these circumstances even more so. Yes it’s breaking our backs moving one box after another, yes it is costly to store yet again never mind the cost of the move its self. But this time we had no choice, we had told the land lady that it would be just for a few months and that is all she wanted, all would have been o.k. If yet again we had not come across an investment firm who did not do what they promised to do and wasted another 4 months of our time. So with not only time wasted but also resources, we have to leave no matter what.
My daughter Tasha has been living with us and now moves into her own place, she is getting the bed etc so less for us to store, she is excited to be living on her own and it is a nice sized bachelor suite, at least one worry of my mind.
Trying to catch up is a bitch, Bill my biz partner and best friend has been working 15 hour days on a project but not only is the money little, it is a slow process and does not put us ahead but forever playing catch up. The only thing good about the job is that it will profile both businesses Cyclzone Tech and Positive Living and we hope brings more business to us, it is a new net work site that features business and people to biz, For me with what I do because of the fearful climate those that need me can not afford me.(yes I reduced my prices)
But for now the only thing I can afford is to put all my belongings into storage and come Friday next week be prepared to move into the van till some thing else comes up. My age with aching body sleeping in a van will be interesting; I might get a little bitchy, as I do not sleep well in a bed never mind a van. But yet another challenge and I suppose another story to tell in our Bio of how far the company had to go in order to make it forward.

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