There are such good vibes here in White Rock a city of Surrey. It is very friendly peaceful and vibrant all at the same time. We are staying in a bed sit in a home of Fraser who lets out his place to visitors. We have a one bedroom with hot plate, microwave, toaster oven and full fridge and satellite TV. We share the bathroom, but he has separated the place well and we feel very private in our cozy place, and he is a very friendly person and very obliging, it feels good to be some where that likes dogs, it is more relaxing than a hotel. It is a week-by-week thing and we feel comfortable enough to stay another week or more.

IMG-20140606-00055 (2)It just feels right here, we are a block and half away from the doggy beach, which Kokomo our dog loves. From a nice walk on the beach we go for a coffee on the waterfront and watch as life drives by. Then a nice walk up until the last 100 yards of pure hill and we are home again. We have full Internet so once again connected to the world, but feel removed enough from our old life to regroup and regain.

The camping was questionable, sleeping in the van was cozy but if it rained which it did almost every day, we felt confined to the tin can and had to go to internet cafe’s to do any work, so it felt it defeated what we were trying to do, regroup and regain.

So off to WHITE Rock and this very friendly and dogy heaven place of Fraser’s, which I found advertised on Craig’s list. There are 4 dogs here in all, Fraser has 2 of his own, our Kokomo and another guy Peter in transition with his dog a Newfoundland of whom Kokomo is shit scared of, he is sooo big.

So far we have met some very nice people, like Linda and her husband  Osborn who has already introduced us to a business man who shows interest in our technology. I have already read Linda’s cards and she has already got me bartering with a masseuse for a massage for a reading,who also is drumming up business for me and I so need a r badly. They also are reaching out to help us find people who are interested in our technology and set up a meeting for us already.

(Did my massage  wonderful recommend Linda highly, also Thomas Moore energy balancer.)

Yes the vibe is right here, we feel like we are getting connected again here. The walks, the wonderful clean sea air and the lovely walks that renew one. We are at last beginning to feel like spiritual humans again and we have finally walked away from the constant spiral of venture capitalists and insincere people. We have cut of the negativity even though it had its last ugly head raised and got me bad, no matter its only money and I will prevail and with only what we can carry gone forward into the unknown again with anticipation of the new, the positive vibe and the integrity of people who are right for us and where we are going.

Last week a talented lady named Roz Shakespeare, told me of some of my future to come, and the direction we want to go in seems to be the path we are walking towards. Along with the direction another lovely lady told me of back in January named Joanne from Montreal, we at last can see where we are going and that we are finally attracting the right people to guide and travel with us along the way.

So although I am far from friends and family, I am where I need to be here in White Rock amongst the waves and sea air, just regrouping and renewing back into a spiritual human big again. So yes I will stay here for a while, and enjoy the renewed energy and peace that grows within my soul and the true knowledge that is coming to be because I am open enough now to hear, see and feel what is real what is relevant and who is important in walking forward to this new beginning all over again. The never give up and never give in is still in effect, all we have done is a redirect to the road we are meant to be on.

Now we will stay a while and hopefully I will be doing readings right here in White Rock,  at the Angelic Tea Room  1351 Johnston Road so come see us and get some awakening of your own, we all need a hand from time to time, let me give you mine.

Happy travels every one, and if you want to stay in a friendly place in White Rock then come stay here, it is good pricing and relaxing.
Now of to the beach and a paddle.

Sara Towe

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