Therapeutic Waters.

Is it the air or the water or just the positive energy here in White Rock? No matter my circumstance I feel renewed and revitalized here. My spirit, which has for so long been taking a beating, is awakening again, my joy revisiting, my inner life force finding its way back into the light. I have left my anger, pain and anguish back in Vancouver and wished that I am able to embrace my beliefs hopes and dreams once again.
I had a dream a purpose and I allowed it to be trodden on and beaten out of me, now in these gentle waters, soft caressing air, I am remembering the why’s of it all and I am being able to walk forward to a more positive realm of my destiny.
People are different here, kinder more genuine and most defiantly helpful. My interactions are softer, hopeful and non judgmental. Is it I that has changed? am I attracting nicer people? or is it truly the air and water here that changed every one to be more positive human beings. Whiterockings will say its there water and air, they are a peaceful lot and truly embrace life’s tranquility. I am tapping into that and because of it feeling my self become calmer and more at peace within my self. Every thing here closes early and opens late, but that is good, means more time to enjoy life and live it.

As I walk on the doggy beach I feel my self being mended, the wind blowing my despair away, life flowing within my veins, and a knowingness is upon me again, I am on the right path with my company, my purpose and my partner, we have prevailed and now I feel, see and know that our time has come to be carried on to the next stage where we can make the difference that we are destined to do from the start of it. This entire struggle has just been a learning curve and some thing for the bio and to prove we are worthy of the rewards that will come to all concerned.

I have got the ability back to paint my future in my mind, I have painted the kind of people I want to know, the integrity and honesty and embracement of spirit I needed in my life. I have been blessed with so many it astounds me.
First there was Linda Limmerny,(air hostess with a visionary husband helicopter pilot Asbjorn) for whom I read for and in turn sent me to Linda Yarmi the masseuse. She gave me a massage (wonderful got to see her again) and sent me to Thomas Moore,( such a equalized energy man that I came away feeling very well balanced, he has sent me Ingrid (and more to come) and Ingrid has sent me to an other gentleman pertaining to Cyclzone, so we will see what comes of that.
Linda the masseuse also sent me Laurel for who I read for (a beautiful investment woman with a open soul) she introduced me to Mike her business partner for whom I read for but which has also turned out to be the picture I have painted come true (just goes to show, if you can visualize it and want it enough you can manifest it) he is an instinctual man with the Gods pushing him forward as mentor and financial investment advisor and who has been given the vision to make all he touches turn to gold for all concerned, (yes I touched him not dumb) as side from that he has offered such kindness to us at a time of such great need, he is the answer I was looking for. The village approach, not every thing in life is about money, some times it is about helping each other out with what we need, barter, give and take, we have become far to much of take not give and the what’s in it for me, that we have just lost the ability to aid each other and to just simple help one another out.

In the past I have found it hard to except help from anyone as I hate owing anything to anyone and as I am perceived to be strength and people do not like to see my weakness, but this journey has made me except help and not to feel less of a person for it. Another lesson learned, never to late no matter the age, learning keeps you alive and is the reason for living as well as passing it on.

So I embrace with an open heart all the help that is being honestly given and wish to thank all the exceptional people who have helped us along the way not forgetting my Vancouver friends, Jan and Helen and Jess who know what they have done and what the mean to me. Another lady Joanne for who I have not read for yet but will soon, has had a bloody week with car accidents, dog bites (yes guilty), but even through all this she has extended her help and wishes for us, I am in awe of the people I am meeting and wish to thank every one of you most sincerely and to believe that I am there in what ever way for you when you need me.

Yesterday I saw my dear friend Sandy Wintle I had not seen her in 5 years, but we are soul sisters so time does not divide us. Being with her in all that I am is a blessing for she does not look to me for anything but what I am. I miss her but look forward to the near future where I know she will be apart of the trust fund and the balance of my life.

So some think that living out of a van and sleeping under the stars is being a looser, but through this all broke homeless and hungry I have found more of my self than I have in 3 years. My relationship with Bill my partner is truer, my soul lighter, my spirit almost flying again and most defiantly my renewed view of humanity. Even our Kokomo (border collie) is happier, loving the walks on the beach and the adventures we having. Thank you my daughter Tasha for taking our Sative the cat for she could not come on this journey with us.

So we stand by what we say, never give up and never give in and positive thinking = positive living, if you cant visualize it, smell it, feel it and want it, you will not get what you deserve or what you need. So with new days of hope before us, good people pushing and aiding us and the delight of such generous and spiritual people we feel new again and know that we are on the right track.

So from van to million dollar home as a working guest of a stranger who offered us a room while we pick our selves up and make some thing happen. With people like Ingrid who point us towards a man Like Emil who is instinctual and insightful and we hope to do business with, life for all its obstacles is leading us forward to a better day a better life for us and our trust fund which will help many.

Dream it and if its right it will be manifested.

Blessings of life with you all and thank you for my spirit.

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