I am way to friendly for my own good

I do not see the sexes but the human spirit. What you get with me is an honest and upfront person who just likes people and who seems to get into trouble by being nice.
I was the first woman rep at Mobile OIL Company in 1977. How I got the job I do not know for I new nothing about how oil was processed but I could sell and I did quite well because I treated every client as if they were unique. They new what it did, so it was down to what service they got from the company and what price.
I was engaged to be married at the time to Dan Wessel and Africana who was very jealous, but that is another story. My first day on the job I was accosted by a man at work. He was married new me to be engaged but made a pass any way. I told him I was engaged very flattered but no thanks. Well I was to pay for that, no one turned him down he apparently was special and yet another man who thought he was Gods gift to women.
My boss was a great guy, fun light and helpful. He guided me and we got along fine. I got along well with most of the people there it was a company of 400 people mostly comprising of men (of which my fiancée accused me of sleeping with all of them that is while we never marries, obsession is destructive) I also made friends with a woman named Margret of whom is the reason I ended up in Canada, I can for a visit 29 years ago.
The one thing against me in my job is that I am an Asthmatic and to be hired full time I had to go 3 months with out an illness. It was not based of your work but insurance, sound familiar? This did cost me the job in the end but not for the obvious reason.
The man I had rejected hounded me; he likes to make things as difficult as he could. He slurred me talking to people as if I had slept with him already, of which those that new me new it was not true. An epidemic of flue hit the company of which many people were hit and became quite ill. I of cause got ill also and being an Asthmatic it went to bronchitis. My boss told me not to worry my work stood for me and my illness would not be held against me.
But, my boss got transferred to another department and I got, yes you guessed it HIM. I had just come back from scoring a new big client a cue for us, and I was in my new bosses office. He sat there with a smirk on his face looking revengeful and slimy.
He stated that because I had been ill within the 3-month probation period that I would just have to go, he said with a smile of satisfaction on his face. I asked him if my work did not stand for its self to which he said no he told me he would get me back, no one rejects him.
Knowing it was all over for me, because sexual disrimination was not in excsitance back then, I smiled picked up the phone on his desk and called the client that I had just scorred. I told the client that we would not be able to give him his price after all and subjected that he went to Shell instead, I thanked him and put the phone down.
I then smiled back at my new x boss whos smile had left his face in disbieleavment, and simply told him to have a nice day and I left the building.
Word got around higher ups found out, my job was offered back to me, but I do not go back, there is only moving forward. The morel of the story is, to reject someone may come back at you, but when it does pay back is sweet.

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