Greed verses Every day Foods.

I know if we knew every thing we would eat nothing, but every now and again some thing comes along to make you think and then get mad. We give up control of our lives to Presidents, PM’S , Drug companies, Doctors, food industries and who ever else because we are told that they are working for the better meant of man kind, for us. Well after viewing this movie below, you may want to re think that, because these industries their mankind is in the mirror and their bank accounts.
They say we are what we ate, and what a toxic mess we are becoming. Cancer is a norm now, unacceptable, detoxing is considered normal (even though done wrong can kill and does regularly) asthma, allergies, behavior problems and much more even impotence and birth defects are all becoming commonplace and it needs to stop.
But who will speak out against these greedy dishonest and all to powerful industries that exploit the every day man so they can coin a buck? We as the people can and should change the ways; we wont do it by loud noises or by hating all industries painting them with one brush. But we can change things where it really hurts them, STOP BUYING WHAT THEY ARE SELLING, AND GET EVERY ONE ON BOARD THE BOCIOTING TRAIN, and THAT YOU CAN DO.
Violence, hating, mud slinging and all that, will not change a thing, but if they are not making the bucks any more because buyer has become aware and does not buy from them any more, then maybe we can slowly but consistently change to industries that are higher in price but purer in product and safe guard our health and wealth.
Have a look at the video, it is 1 hoour-48 mins long, so all at once of in stages, look to educate your self and come up with non violent ways to free our selves of this kind of dictatorship, for we all behave as sheep when we follow so blindly with out questions, with out common rights. Take charge and do your bit to make a difference, as human beings, we are amazing at fighting to protect and fight the wrongs, so start now, bit by bit, one + one =———success.<>
1ST comment on movie is by P…..
No one today makes any apologies about collateral damage of any kind. Everybody easily states that the purpose of any company or corporation (and what is not one now) is to make money for the investors – period. That is their only concern. Neither service or assistance is a worthy reason.
Every day in every interviews I hear so may pussy footing around greed selfishness exploitation ignorance and all the other vices without calling them what they are. But excusing every misuse of power for personal financial benefit with the pat phrase It is after all a business to make money. One must apologise today to speak of a morality or duty or obligation of concern.
The only fear is “HAVE WE DONE ANYTHING ILLEGAL” if not then no problem. Almost anything these days easily rationalised in terms of success or financial benefit to someone.
The west will pay a long time for its sins against the others on this planet. I am only sorry I will not be here to cheer when it does.
I know of so many atrocities justified in the name of so many things that are accepted as worthwhile as long as it is not illegal. Any report on anything today of significant size and significance will exonerate any abuse and use terminology to rationalise it. But the hypocrisy is when they scream at a politically incorrect term of no significance at all and cry human rights et al.
Sad and stupid. And no one listens cos we are all benefiting indirectly with a life style of opulence and greed. No one wants to change for fear of losing a privilege they have however small.

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