Points to live by, Negativity verses positivity









It can be hard to keep positive around negativity
Negativity makes you feel vulnerable insecure unsure of yourself.
It is Easy to reflect negative back when exposed to it
Sarcasm is it humor or cynicism?
Holding on to happiness by being true to your spirit and soul no matter what
Knowing it verses living it keep it real-time real life
Need to have ‘happy ‘ around you to make it stick to change the mind
This happy feeling is good and so peaceful if it’s based in truth
Making it happen is a choice that has been backed by action your action
Misdirection happens, don’t get set back by it, just keep on traveling forward
Feeling calm, feels so right and any decision that comes out of this peace is right.
Living in this peace can create enemies that is their demon not yours
Living in peace means walking away from animosity
Radiating peace is not always received, but is sort out by other positives
Accumulating the peaceful vibrations builds a world of harmony
Harmony energies the world and creates the desire of peace and tranquility.
Energy makes life grow quite simply its  soul purpose
Negativity destroys and deletes life, making one hungry for purpose and light
Darkness holds onto you hard, to release it one must decide to let go and walk away however unsure footed you feel and never look back
The way we look at life determines our experience with in it the mirror effect
The knowingness is real and peaceful the doubt is disharmonies let them go and listen…
Then simple do…live life in the now in the peace of the moment and in truth of your soul and let your spirit grow and under no circumstances let any form of negativity in no matter the disguise.


by Sara Troy   


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