Dreamers and Leaders.

What is a dreamer? Is it some one who has the ability to see things out of the ordinary? Is some one who has a big imagination? A dreamer is just a dreamer till they find ways to make that dream come though into reality.
I believe that a successful dreamer is our leader of tomorrow, for if you cannot dream you cannot lead. A leader understands the vision of the dream and has the ability to build into a reality. If you do not understand the vision you cannot build it. A dreamer as well as a leader has no boundaries, they do not cap them selves with barriers or doubt.
A dreamer is also a believer and follows the belief that the dream was given for a reason so they must make it come true. You know whom these people are, the true portrayal of belief, the ones that can dream, the ones that can lead. You can throw anything at them and they will have an idea in how to make it happen. They do not look at the down side of it, the obstacles in the way, but see the opportunity to crash though the obstacles to make it happen.
We have been testing many people in order to find the true believers. It has been an interesting journey, many people have been given the opportunity to follow this dream this vision. They start of saying that they see it, that they believe in it and that they walk this walk also. But when you take them to heights beyond their comprehension, you leave them behind.
Lately, we have been blessed with those that even though may not see the whole picture, for it is always a work in progress, know that they want to be a part of this visualization, the big picture and climb aboard to see where it takes them. To be a leader in life you first must be a believer, to be a believer, you must know how to dream.
It is a shame when you come across people with so much potential that they let the lack of vision or fear and low self-value to get in the way of their potential greatness. We meet so many who could do it, follow their belief to all heights and just do it. But alas so many have dropped by the way side due to their inability to go to the possibility, they rather stay where it is safe with the inevitability of the same old same old. Such a shame, but that is their choices, for we all have the right to choose.
I am however very excited about the ones that have joined on. None of them have said what’s in it for me, because in understanding the big picture they know what is there for them. They all know that the success relies on the unity of each other and the bigger purpose of it all. In order for the one to gain the one must work for the whole for the whole to benefit the one.
I me myself people don’t get very far in life. They reach a certain height and then can go no further. If you want to get somewhere you have to be the “I” person that comes to the table to work in unity with other “I” people in representing the we. Bring me your expertise, bring me your individuality your strengths and dreams, we will now help you full fill that dream, by sharing the success of it with the people who make it into a reality.
I am only as strong as my vision, I am only as useful if I can share this vision, I am only successful if I bring other like-minded people along on my journey, because only together can we build its success. I am one part of it, and the whole picture needs other visions to create the entirety. When you join forces you build strength in the unity of our collective dreams.
So now with our ship of dreamers, leaders, and believers, we sail into a world of possibilities and inevitabilities. We each have so mush to gain and have so mush to give, we all believe in the empowerment of the one to enable the whole. So now as we set sail we make an historic journey of trust belief and prosperity for the all to reap.
May the Goddess of truth and love be with us.
I name this ship “Achael”
Sara Towe

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