What purpose is government serving?

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“Government Reanalyzed”

Stop and let the reality behind that question sink in. Let the answer come not from society’s typical answers and the definitions we learned in formal schooling, but allow yourself to fully experience the Truth of the situation…

(Of course, people’s answers to the question will vary, according to perception. What most believe to be the truth is not actually so, but simply ideas – many incomplete, distorted, and false – they’ve picked up throughout the past and taken on as their own. Truth does exist, though can only begin to be seen and understood when moving outside of our restricted perceptions to view a situation from all angles.)


Dare to call me a rebel, unpatriotic, a fringe-dweller, non-conformist, idealist, anarchist, or any other judgmental name, if you will – though here, now, I must state a perspective rarely heard or understood by the majority, for the sake of revealing the Truth so that we may access our greater power to construct a world of sustainable expansion, abundance, happiness, love, and empowerment…

The government is serving less of a beneficial purpose each passing day.

More harm than good is being done with our political systems perpetuating as they have been.

There is no hope of salvation coming from our governments. They are not, in fact, despite the mantra-ish societal conception, there to serve our best interests.

Anyone who hasn’t had their head under a rock for the last hundred years knows “the official story” is B.S. Corruption has rotted the system out from the inside with lies, greed, fear, manipulation, injustice, and the worst of inhumanity rising to the surface of our society, projected out onto those we’ve called leaders.

Of course, there’s no power in blame, and if we are to develop ourselves further, we must take a share of personal responsibility in the larger matters, as difficult as it may be to comprehend our impact in the global scale of political operations. Though, let this not take us away from the main issue at hand, being”

What has government done for us?

Education? Ha. Let’s be honest. Actually, let’s leave that one for an entire other conversation. I’ll skip this with faith that each of us knows if not experientially, then intuitively, that our school are falling seriously behind in keeping up to the needs of children whose evolution cannot be permitted within systems structured as prehistorically as our public education…

Health care? (writing this in Canada, I may be coming from a slightly different angle than those in other countries, though the core principles are applicable universally, focusing on regulatory bodies rather than service providers) How about health destruction?

When did we consciously decide it was wise to delegate personally responsibility for our well-being to men in white coats with years of preparation in the science of cutting people open & putting toxic chemicals into their bodies, and little to know education of how to cultivate health & prevent disease in the first place?

The military? Come on. When was the last time Canada was attacked? Would America really need to fear being attacked, if they had simply stopped waging covert wars all over the world? If this is a true “democracy,” you’re telling me the majority of citizens really want our tax dollars going to the conservation of war and …

Financial bailouts? Trillions of dollars spent/disappeared to try patch up a black hole? Granted, I’m not up-to-date on all the details of the economic fiasco that’s been going down, yet is it really clear to ANYONE where the governments have (mis)allocated TRILLIONS of dollars to?

Effective environmental reforms and protection? Not in our lifetime.

Though, it does “take care” of all its people, right? Using the tax dollars of hard-working citizens to support those that don’t want to work, as though there’s something noble about robbing the rich to sustain the laziness & irresponsibility of the poor? Work full-time four months of the year to sustain the welfare system, providing thousands of negligent bums the means to keep drunk & incapable of exploring their potential for a real contribution to society?

And what about taxes in general? Are we really so stupid to have fallen blindly for the lie there’s something noble or dignified about handing over a large portion of the fruits of our labour to a governmental body who has proven itself incompetent to channel it constructively? Do your homework, and you will discover that taxes are little more than an outright scam disguised in ambiguous, misleading legal & political jargon. Why do are the wealthy known for tax evasion? Because they are smart! They know they’re being cheated and refuse to play by the rules of a fixed game that serves neither them or their fellow citizens. Were it publicly known how duped we got, the government may be known by an entirely different name much better suiting the true nature of what they’ve become – crooks.

Of course, there surely must be some good points to the government, underneath the heaps of bullsh!t they’ve been pumping out for decades/centuries. Though this isn’t to pick apart the pros from cons (advantages from disadvantages, or professionals from slick con-men in high positions of political power). Rather, the overall here focus is to bring light to the Truth – not opinion disguised in select facts parading around as truth, but the absolutely, inarguable, undeniable, timeless, all-pervasive pure essence that remains in its complete, enlightening, powerful integrity…

What is the purpose of passing and enforcing thousands of different regulations if not to control, rising from the disbelief we are unable to control ourselves?

What is the worldview of a body putting continually more restrictive laws into effect? What is the underlying message? Distrust? Scarcity? Paranoia? Isolationism? Insecurity? Powerlessness? Are these conditions of Truth?

What is the reason for the mass propagation of half-truths, biased opinions, and distorted fact if not to mislead, flowing from fear of what we may be able to accomplish with True knowledge of ourselves, our world, capabilities, and potential to govern ourselves from a foundation of honesty, compassion, and constructive collaboration?

What are the consequences of a system keeping its people in a state of ignorance, submission, fear, and denial of their true worth? Disease? Implosion? Debilitation? Frustration? Regression? Are these conditions of the True nature of universal well-being and expansion?

What is the effect on the human spirit of having our reality dictated to us – the information we’re exposed to passed through a filter, shaping people’s perceptions to suit an ego-driven agenda? An impotent complacency? Depression? The stunting of growth? The decay of genius? Disconnection from the True Self? Are these states in any way conduits of Truth?

While there’s still many brainwashed into believing in their government is there to look after them, more of us are waking up. Deep down, we’ve known for a long time the jig is up. We’re smarter than to fall for the insulting misinformation and disinformation propagated throughout the mass media & “educational” system. Each of us knows, at a soul level, the “government” is far from what its cracked up to be.

It is soulless – an abstraction, lacking any tangible form.

It is an entity given shape by our collective agreement upon its structure, its actual presence no more detectable than that of a fictional ghost. (A ghost may be a good metaphor – a spirit lingering around after its timely death, having not come to peace with its passing, incomplete with its ascension from worldly restriction & egoic preoccupations to a state of completeness, oneness, higher consciousness.)

Despite what crimes against humanity its officials have horrifyingly carried out over the years in the name of public duty, the government is not a force to be resisted or fought against.

The bureaucratic processes required to create any significant change in government are so archaic and ridiculously based in pretensions and dogmatic falsehoods, they can’t possibly keep up to the rate of change and dynamic nature of our evolving world. No matter how much we push they to change, they are incapable. And no matter how long they say the same, they are doomed to collapse as the planet’s energy fields shift to the point they cannot be supported any longer.

In reality, it poses no threat. Understand – there is no “IT.” “It” is merely an illusion; a poorly disorganized, inefficient, decentralized body of mostly disempowered individuals playing out predetermined, mostly counter-productive roles in a big, tragic, comic drama. This, to which we have assigned authority, influence, and personal responsibility over to.

We can decide to participate in the system, playing by the rules having been preached to us for centuries – or, we can choose to expand our vision beyond the narrow sliver of reality carved out for us by the ego’s dominance, entering the space for us to create our own game & play by our own rules…

As restrictive as some may view the governments & laws, we – at least in much of the “developed” world – are blessed with as much freedom as we need to create whatever it is we truly desire, provided it is based in the power of love & integrity. As imperfect as it may be, the “free market” system does provide us the playground to build enterprises catering to our true needs & wants.

Regardless of what “elite” forces there may be, fingers crossed & hoping for global domination, or what fools for frontmen may have been selected as governmental spokes figures – most leaders do wish for our prosperity, and we can be grateful for an abundance of resources needed to build whatever is needed to support the next step in our development.

Granted, we may and probably will confront many challenges, navigating through a maze of legalities in order to reach our objectives. While nearly anything is possible, we may at times have to watch our words and actions, sometimes giving into political niceties, treading carefully so not to as too deeply disturb opposing forces. We cannot just bombard ahead full of passion & excitement, but must proceed strategically. Our advancement will require not only vision backed by conviction, but organization, the determination to work our way around the obstacles, and the exponential power of synergy in collective collaboration…

Regardless of what cause we may strongly believe in, we are not alone. Personally, I have conviction in the need for transformation in the arenas of health, education, and sustainability – a great deal of causes being advocated fit into one of these categories, with hundreds of thousands of varied charities, foundations, organizations, enterprises, and individuals devoted to progress in these fields.

Yet, many of us are filled with a sense of isolation – as though the world is going crazy and we can’t do anything about it because we are separate and don’t yield the worldly influence we’ve associated with the power to bring about change. We may know there are numerous groups out there promoting a cause – we may even be part of one – yet, there’s an unspoken, subconscious belief lurking in the collective psyche that we are too small to make a difference, that the system is too big and powerful to fight, that no matter what we do, “the powers that be” will not move.

As twisted, counter-productive, and inept as governmental structures may be, it does not make the people within them enemies. While there may be much corruption at the top levels, the majority are still decent, genuine human beings who desire to make a difference.

Placing blame on any particular person serves no purpose. Many are quick to judge and put all the responsibility on a puppet, finding it easier to point fingers at less-than-perfect (a.k.a. human – or perhaps even half reptilian, according to some theories) politicians than to take responsibility and stepping up as leaders in their own lives and communities. Yet, no single person within the government can be held accountable for the system’s failures.

Protesting, shouting, and criticizing are in no way constructive towards initiating and sustaining positive change. While the government may have failed and may be a restriction on the rate of our progression, attacking it in any way is a brilliant way to deplete ourselves of the creative energy that could be otherwise directed into the creation of more fulfilling alternatives…

For many, these views will appear extremist, far-fetched, out of touch with “reality.” The government has been such a fundamental component of our world, our entire lives have been defined by the notion of an external governing body, to some extent or another. To break out of “the box’ and think in terms of a reality where the only True authority comes from the insider is quite a stretch.

However, no progress was ever made by sticking to the status quo. All the great innovations throughout the history of our societies would not have occurred had some rare individuals not dared to challenge the standard thinking. And in times like these, with our systems crashing down all around us, it is of paramount importance we rise above the level of the thinking that has created the problems we face.

The core problem is governments and established institutional authorities are steeped in such thinking, stuck in a reality that no longer exists but in the minds of men & women refusing to let go of the past and step into the unknown, opening to a wider, deeper, clearer, holistic vision.

Yet, there’s nothing to fear, and there’s no need to try force it. A million laws can be passed, though even a billion laws cannot contend the force of Truth, nor can they stop the expanding awareness recognizing such laws as unnecessary and destructive to the human spirit. Human consciousness is moving forward regardless, and no outside authority can stop it.

Regardless of what is going on in the greater world, we now have the freedom to exercise our own power, sharing Truth, spreading Light, disconnecting from restrictive belief systems, choosing connection to the eternal, all-powerful, enlightening Spirit.

Regardless of the counter-productive economic programs and agenda put into place readily sapping collective finances, we are fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to build our own enterprises to achieve the social objectives close to our hearts, and are living with a world with MANY others who share our convictions and passion for positive transformation.

The change we desire will come from us.

Governments may continue to hold their physical place in the world, though more & more will continue to disconnect. The benefits offered to us of playing their game are being discovered as falsehoods. We are realizing the power in choosing new games to engage in with new rules.

Though there may be a time-delay in the manifestation of our desired transformation in the greater world, we can find peace – in the midst of all the chaos out there – in the Truth that transformation is inevitable, once we begin to govern ourselves, living in harmony with Universal Law…

written by Rok Sivante

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