The Art of Scamming.

One wonders how these people became scammers, was it out of necessity or because it is all just too easy?? We would like to feel that is because they were desperate and got enticed into it, but really this kind of human nature just is and takes to scamming and theft like water to as duck.

Maybe they think it is there right to rob people of their hard earned money that they want people to suffer like they think they do, or it is a way to get their jollies of to know that they have left some one broke disgruntled and despising human nature. Do they care a dam? I think not, because they can day after day  scam people of their little money while using God and family as a connection base and care a dam. My friend Sandy says that I should call this article “Name & Shame” maybe she is right, it is a good name.

Well I am going to tell you of all the people who have tired to scam us, when one gets past the shock and disappointment, it becomes a study of how far will they go and what will they use just to get a few bucks. I will list names and addresses and their scam. If for any reason any of these people were legit (which I promise you I doubt) I will retract their name and info. But if it makes any of you out there question before leaping then our frustration of finding an honest lender/investor will not be in vain.

We are if you did not know by now, Electric motor developers, and need to raise some money to get our next prototype into a speedboat to prove validity and performance. This cost money and many industries (like water pumps & yachting industries) are eager for us to get this next phase finished. They do not invest or J.V (joint venture) at this level but are eager on the results to be found so they can justify the expense of a joint venture development.

So we set out to find that investor or lender to get to this second phase. I always thought that an investment person was a visionary and a gutsy person, who when they saw some thing took the chance because they know the reward was greater than the risk. Boy was I wrong, it appears that they are (the ones I have met) people of high ego, low risk, short vision crippled by fear and ball less. They take on a persona of you need me so I can dictate what I want I don’t care about your product just what’s in it for me and how can I get it cheap and sell it high.

Respect is non-excitant, value for what’s in front of them, clueless and small-minded incredibly so. One statement has stuck in my mind “ do you realize that you have a multie billion dollar industry here” to which I said yes that I did, his next comment was “ ok so pay me some money and I will review lending you some money “ Can any one explain that? It was said that he saw just how big this is how much return for the loan, but in stead of looking at the big picture and “this has to be done lets do it now” it was I need money from you to decide if we are going to lend you some money. My mind still boggles and this logic does not make sense to me.

So with countless people being paraded before us with out vision and playing big boy games we got now where at all. One would say they loved the Business Plan another it has an era in it and they could not get past it, but all seemed to ignore what they had in hand mostly because the people who would get it, did not get to see it because of the in-between people and their short sightedness and fear of the big boy at the top not liking them for bringing it to them. If I have some one working for me that let some thing this big go by because they thought I might get mad at them or might not like it and judge them for it, I would not higher them in the first place. Look first decide later none of this timid stuff.

One man Jack with his puppet Robert sat in front of us and threatened us that if we went public with out him he would come after us, talk about ego there, all just voice no substance. Another made handshake promising us twice he was investing and each time he lied, as he did not have the money after all. Go Rocky go….
Of cause there was Todd, a restaurateur who had backed a friend in his Fuel Vapor car development. We really got excited about this one; they had the car that they were entering into the Progressive Prize Car Show 2009 for the best fuel-efficient car ready to go into production. He needed us and we needed a vehicle to drop our motor in, a win win situation, so we thought. They Todd and friend went to see a man in California who decided to back them completely, but they did not tell this guy about us. We thought that we were going into a joint venture with them and they were all excited about it also. Todd how ever had other ideas, he had us meet with an electric engineer and made the mistake of referring him as a God, wow what an ego trip, this mans chest puffed right up and with out much ado dismissed our motor just like that. George was baffled, but he was only the inventor not the moneyman and could not stand up to Todd, we just got up and left, what else was there to do!!!! Some time not so long later the electrical engineer who could not deliver what they needed was out of the picture and they were back where they started. We do not know if they lost there funding or are still in the prize competition, but they do not have our motor.

Then there was Peter, we really like Peter but could he screw things up. He is a very nice man who gets confused easily and can talk him self out of things easily. He was going to invest in our company once he had sold his. He had a water filtration company of which we could build excellent electric water pumps for. For his investment we offered him the licensing agreement for water pumps, he got really excited and we thought we had a deal. We were at the time still in talks with a car company and dear Peter decided he wanted that also. I still have his letter, stating that perhaps he was being greedy but may be not but he wanted both and thats it. Consequently no deal. We don’t see Peter any more, we’re sad we really liked him.

The frustration is that every one could only think of cars, we don’t want the automobile industry, that is one license we will be glad to sign off on. Our motor is much more profitable in water pumps, oil pump jacks, heavy vehicle industries, light industries like mills and of cause motors for general electric. We will start with boats and put the motor in a speedboat to test just how fast and powerful it really can go.

So we joined “Find that money” where investors look for opportunities, to date over a year later not one good lead. All much of the same going nowhere. I even sent out to over a 100 companies on the list our Executive Summery and many replies of “how did you get our companies name we are not on a list” so another dead end, more money and time wasted.

Somewhere cannot remember from where another group form the States got hold of us and liked what we have. They were going to come to see us for a presentation in order to present to their investors. Now John Joseph normally dealt with land deals and this area was new to him. He didn’t bother to show up, calling us 2 days later with an excuse, and went ahead presenting the technology not knowing any thing about it, so no deal there, but it had gone back and forth for 3 months with “I have the deal closing soon” bull. He twittered me the other day, still riding high, but still no follow through, guess he is rich enough and does not need the business.

So enter the scammers, how did that start! I think it started with a financial add on Craig’s list looking for small investors, mistake number 0ne. Well a slew of moneylenders form all over the world emailing me like mad. So as to leave no stone unturned we started replying. Then like magic they all wanted to lend money. Fist I must fill out a form, like ones I’d address, sex, how much and what it was for. Then we would get a yes and the terms of repayment. All sound good yes! Well we thought it was tooo good but we kept following just incase it was the miracle we where looking for. Now the catch, we would have to send via Western Union a sum of any thing from $250-1250 US to an unknown address in order for us to get our money put into our bank.

Well western union does not trace money and there is no recourse if you get screwed. So we would refuse to send money telling them we could do this through a lawyer all-upfront and above board and we would need their I.D
Now it gets interesting, the ID’S that were sent to us are all fake, some drivers licenses’, some business ID even a better business bureau license, but every one of them would have a major flaw in them as simple as spelling mistakes. Like better business bureau would misspell on its official documentation.

The other thing is every one of them uses lowercase i in every thing, even if the possess to be lawyers. Also they all use yahoo or gmail addresses, not one uses a company email address. Another thing is the reference to God and how Godly they are. When you say that it is a no go due to lack of info on their behalf, now you would get the poor me what have I done to deserve this, I am an honest man, send me the money and I will send you your loan right away.

Oh yes one very important thing, it is England and Nigeria that are the biggest scammers and all seam to have a common language. So what looked like for a brief moment as a way out of stagnation, became an intrigue into human low mentality who knowing that you need funds for business, living, life, would with the most sincerity screw you our of any money you have. $250 – 1250 may not sound much, but when you do not have it to spare and you are in need of money it is a lot. Also think of how may people a day do send money, they are scamming good and there is no stopping them.

So I am going to give you their names and emails, so you can see if they have promised you a loan just like that and now you can avoid them.

There is
Larry the lender
Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2009 1:21 AM
From: Larry Lender
To: Sara xxxxxxx
Conversation: I WANT YOU TO TRUST.

Hello Sara,

I do understand your plight and in order for you to know this is
legit, here is a copy of my identity card a for your view and the loan
agreement document for you to sign and return alongside the $1,255 USD
for the non-collateral deposit, i know you have a problem paying via
western union but i am assuring you that this is legit and that is the
more reason you are to make the payment to me directly so i can take
care of things here myself.

In the attached document is my identity card and the loan agreement
document which i want you to sign and return back to me, it also serve
as an assurance that your loan fund is in order, i want you to note
that i do not give out my id to clients who have not yet started
business with me, but i am just doing this due to the fact that i
trust you and i want you to trust me too.

I await your swift response,


Date: Saturday, May 2, 2009 1:21 AM
From: Larry Lender

Hello Sara

Below is a well-calculated terms of repayment schedule that I want you
to thoroughly read and respond back to me if it is okay with you.
The repayment will be on a monthly basis, from Principal loan amount
and interest together. As it is written, The loan duration / time is
for 3 years (36 months). To find the Interest rate and repayment plan

* Principal loan amount: $ 150,000
* Interest rate: 2%
* Loan Duration / Term: 3 years (36 months)
* Monthly installment: $ 4,250
* Number of installment: 36
* Interest paid: $ 3,000
* Cumulative payment =
Principle Loan Amount + Interest paid = Cumulative
$ 150,000 + $ 3,000 = $ 153,000

Furthermore, be informed that in accordance with the rules for
these Organization, you are prompted to make a monthly payment of $
4,250, so that a total amount of $ 153,000. This is the entire loan
amount and Interest.

NOTE: All applicants MUST make a down payment known as the
NON-COLLATERAL FEE since you do not have one due to the Lending policy
174/Ur in the amended constitution of the ACT 2004 in the lending
policy which is Thus {$ 1,255 USD } of the Principle loan amount
before your loan funds can be approved and transfered to you via your
choice of receival of funds.

In agreement to this, you are to get back to me with a scanned copy
of any identity of yours so that we can be aware of who we are dealing
with, after this has been done and clerified by us including the
payment of the non-collateral fee, the processing and approval of your
loan funds will start immediately including the signing of documents.

I await your swift response,



Or there is this guy, notice how the amount is different but the deposit is the same.
Date: Monday, April 6, 2009 3:44 AM
From: samson richmond
To: xxxxxxxxxx

Registered No.05026265
Tel. +44 703 191 7754.
Motto:We render best services….

I am in receipt of your email. I will be able to offer you the loan of
$100,000.00 below is the re-calculated loan repayment terms for you to
see and tell me if you are in agreement with the loan terms or not.

*Loan Amount: $100,000.00
*Loan Rate : 5%
*Duration: 36 Months
*Monthly installment: $2,997.09
*Cumulative Payments: $107,895.23
*Total Interest Paid: $7,895.23

I want you to get back to me if the loan terms are accepted by you so
we can proceed.

I look forward to your mail regarding the transaction soon,
Mr.Samson Richmond.

Then there was a
Sheikh Al Maktoum, a prince of DUBAI represented by a Lewis Cohen, his lawyer.

This was a 100 million dollar offer for 45 % of the company, he apparently did not want Dad to know, but in the end it turns out that the person who was stealing this name got caught (like to think I had some thing to do with that as I contacted the group to let them know of the imposter) he was just another elaborate scammer.


There are more, but all doing the same, promise a great deal, then ask for a non-collateral fee, or fee for sending funds to you. If they don’t do lawyers, or bank transfer (fees can come of at bank) and they do not provide a legitimate photo (passport) I’D and use lower case i and want to use western union, and don’t have company email addresses, then do not do it.

Who in this economy will lend over a $100,000 for so little and just send it to you with out a security or signing your life away if you do not pay back.
These guys play on your desperation and the inability to get help from anywhere else. They have you cornered, don’t do it, you will only loose whatever little funds you have left.

We were talking with a young man and his father from England who wanted to invest his inheritance. I so much wanted to believe he was legit because who would use there kids to scam others. I wanted to believe in him, but in the end they would not go through a lawyer or provide passport information and yes asked for $1250 to send money via western union. So disappointed to ruin a child’s life like this to make them a common thief, so sad, so wrong. He stills face books me, turns out his father is dead and this is all a scam, isnt it all!!!!

So now we are still looking for that bright intuitive individual(s) who understands that to make a load of money you first have to help the money tree grow. We are that tree and for all intensive purposes we are cheap in our development when you put us against some other industries who have just gouged their governments and produced very little. We will have our technology up and running within a year and in industries making a viable difference to their productivity and bottom line.

If you think you are a bright, intuitive gutsy investor who is not afraid to take chances and get rich and have the opportunity to fund an organization that will fund other projects in the tomorrows, then get on board, we welcome you and look forward to making this journey together. But be willing to first show us your I’D and integrity for we have know the scoundrels all to many of them.

Scammers be aware that what you are doing will come back on you and yours 10 fold and happiness is in the soul, peace for that soul not is in the wallet with some one elses money.

Prosperity to all the earnest and honest folk.

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