It’s a new life a new day in a new way

Well, I prayed for help and we got it, I asked for Bill to be safe and Kokomo (the dog) while I was away visiting my mum, and even though he was not happy he was safe. I asked for rescue of our selves and we were, I asked to drive a safe legal car and I am, and a home again sheltered from the rain, and we are in a safe home secure and cozy with our comforts around us. But most of all I asked for real ground floor investors to take us to the next level in honesty and truth and we have them.
Do not think that prayers are not answered they are, but they have to be asked in complete belief and with no doubt attached in order to be really heard. I let my fear and anger get out of the way and spoke in my true belief in clarity and purpose, and I was heard.
It does not matter if you are in the right place; it also has to be the right time. We are right back to the beginning talking to the same people or one removed and arms length to others that were sort after many years ago. Timing it is oh so important.
But were we ready? We had a vision that has changed and evolved over the last 5 years. We have redirected and improved and structured and blue printed over and over again till we believe that we have a good plan in order to move forward. It just needed the right thinkers the right visionist to come forward to walk this walk with us, to ignite flame from which we have been holding the touch for so long.
We have done the long audios walk, we have laid the ground from which to stride from, we have paid the price for others to benefit from, we have lost love and family in hopes of one day regaining it in belief that this work was so important that the price was worth it and all would be alright in the end, that love would understand. Now it is time to succeed and for all of us to gain from.
Will it be told or remembered the journey that bought us to this moment? I have been asked what held us up for so long, and my answer has always been ‘people”, the right people. I wanted spiritually based believers, action takers and commitment to that action type of people, and until now we never found them, believe me not the commitment ones. We have met soooo many of all types and yes I was getting very jaded about it all. I so believed that there was at least one person who was able to see it, act on it and follow through with it, but it took so long to find them, so long and so many in the mean time.
We have had total believers, except, either they could not deliver, or were full of it, of wrong timing, or unable to take us forward because they did not know the people to get us there or did not have the money. We have had some wonderful people who have believed in us and who have helped us through this journey in so many ways. We will never forget them and they will be rewarded for that belief.
It has been hard to let go of the reigns. I do not think any one knows how hard. I have been crusading this motor for 5 years with such total and absolute belief that to suddenly to just hand it over and step back is so hard to do. I will step back, but not away, we are not done yet we have much more to do and until at least the first licensing deal is done and our foundation is a go, I will keep vigilant and focused, but step back and let every one do their job for now.
My partner is brilliant, but introverted; it is hard to know what goes on in there. I have been the forefront man handing of the stage to him for others to see the true vision. When he first spoke to me about the motor I was transformed to another place where I saw just how important this technology is and just how brilliant this man is. I have nurtured him, looked after him, fought for him and led him and stood by him in all ways. I did my best, but as I am not a trained businesswoman, I just had to follow my instinctual intellect and trust the Gods to direct me.
He was a retreated man when I met him, down in his deep dark cave, I do believe that I bought him out and by believing in him and his vision (and funding it) I saw the gifted man he is and I am always in awe of what he knows and his vast vision of things even out of his realm. In my work I see the possibility in a person, the all they can be, but most are to fearful, lazy or blooding minded to strive to their own excellence. I have had the honor of seeing a few people make it through and embrace their gift and soul, and this man is one of them for which is why I have taken this journey to see him succeed.
Now we are so near, real action been taken, real results been made, just a few more steps and quick action and we will take another leap to great heights and finally see the results of this adventure and growth for which it has been destined for. So exciting, so anticipating, so nerve raking. It is also time for me to rejuvenate my own soul, but this journey has most certainly beaten it out on me. I never lost me belief or purpose or conviction, but have lost my spirit and human belief. I need to go deep and try and free myself again for my soul and when the time is right be able to fly again in peace joy and wonderment.
I have done it a few times in my life, come back from pain, darkness and been beaten down, I will do it again. The success of the foundation needs it as do my children and those that believe in me, for spiritless I am no good to any one.
I hope that my journey with my partner although it is changing direction, will always be true, be honest and be purposeful, for you can not take a journey like this and not be the best of friends and find joy in the accomplishment that we have made together.
I look forward to that day that we can celebrate its success and feel the pride and joy of our own journey in getting there.
For now, keep believing in your self and in what you believe in. Do not waver no mater what and what ever happens good or bad, know that it is there for a reason and just walk the road in trust, because what you seek is just round the corner, don’t give up now nor ever.<>
<>That was six months ago, are we any further? an inch or 2, but not where I expected to be. I came back for I could see nothing moving forward, it is not my partner for I know his frustration and indeed pain. He is so close to walking away from it all, and it is a daily journey to keep him from going. I would be devastated, crushed beyond belief for all that I have become is faith in this man his technology and this journey to bring this gift to the world. I pray very hard that we can weather the storm just a little longer so that we can find the people who are the energizers of this project and can and will truly bring it to its possibility.
For now all I can do is pray, believe, focus, drive and push through and provide the keys we need to indeed walk tall in big strides moving forward.
I ask for your prayers please as this technology is a gift to the world for its en-betterment as well as rewarding my belief in it all. Time will tell, but time is running out fast.


Sara Towe

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