Our PowerShare

Why have we doubted our power?

Why have the majority bought into the belief, “we can’t,”
rather than putting our faith in those who’ve insisted, “we can”?

How has it become
the masses favor disbelief,
accepting realities of disempowerment,
when all they most desire is available
with the simple shift of focus
to a paradigm in which
possibility abounds?

If, on the other hand,
we have chosen to go against the grain,
believing in what others have deemed impossible,
holding firm conviction in our potential to overcome all obstacles –
what is the purpose of those moments
we discover doubt growing into a force drowning our hopes,
in which the beauty of our dreams seems to fade into
merely an illusion?

How is it,
we have made such progress,
in breaking out of limited thinking,
extending our vision to perceive
that which others would regard inconceivable –
yet find our hearts recoiling to retreat
in the fictitious haven of fear?

Though all the world’s progress has come
thanks to the creative imagination
of mankind’s most extraordinary visionaries –
how far can we float up,
with our heads in the clouds,
before we lose touch with reality,
our bubbles eventually to burst,
leaving us crashing down painfully to hit the ground?

How powerful are we?

How strong is our influence?

How much is there to all this “Law Of Attraction” stuff?

Though we indefinitely hold authority
to interpret affairs for our empowerment or repression,
to what extent can we affect the outer world with our thoughts?

Is it viable that our thoughts could so powerfully sway
the decisions of others we’ve never met,
directing the unfolding of events others ultimately command?

Is it idealistic, unfeasible, and foolish to think
our imaginings could possibly dominate over the powers
others yield over circumstances in our material world?

Or are such doubts of our mental-spiritual abilities
but the seeds of such powerlessness’ prophetic self-fulfillment –
a short-sightedness blinding us to the bigger picture,
in which these deviations from absolute trust
are but necessary colors in the spectrum
giving contrast & depth
to the grand vision?

Where is the balance
between accepting that we cannot change,
and broadening the limits of that we can?

Where is that fine line drawn
between exploring realms of possibility,
and getting lost in delusions of
what could but never can be?

How far must we go
in envisioning prospects of our future,
giving consideration to each possible outcome,
before concluding on that which we
prefer to select as our fate?

How far must we dip
into the negative probabilities
inherent in the dice’s roll,
before commencing an agenda
aligned with the highest good?

Thank goodness,
we are benefited the delay between our thoughts & their manifestation…

For as nice as it would be to have everything
the way we wanted most immediately,
God forbid the instantaneous appearance of our worst fears…

Blessed we are,
receiving the challenges testing our character,
only through which we may discover that
we are truly made of…

Were all our wishes simply granted on the spot,
how would we know our capacity to handle
the arduous situations out of the genie’s reach to transform?

Had each of our selfish demands been met,
would not our weaknesses have been allowed
the space to flourish,
to the detriment of every strength?

life may seem at times;
though from what perspective?

Should it be,
unaware to us,
we are being served perfectly,
from the hand of divine wisdom?

Might there exist,
unbeknownst to our limited minds,
the universe is indeed conspiring in our favor,
providing us all that we need at the precise time
it may spiritually benefit us best most appropriately?

life’s dishings may often appear,
striking us as the cause of hope’s depletion –
though under what shade of light?

Could we truly have unshakeable faith,
if doubt were not to rear its ugly head,
reminding us of its necessity for our re-centering
in whichever we choose as our base state?

So difficult,
the journey’s tribulations can come across as –
hurdles giving the impression of an elusive enemy
scheming for preservation of our unjust impoverishment…

have we not been issued the space for creation,
in which,
given time and concentrated effort,
the fulfillment of our longings may be revealed
as a result of our own intention & focus?

would we honestly want unbounded prosperity,
if we were denied the experience of its lack,
which without,
appreciation of wealth would be unknowable?

At the end of every storm,
comes a calm…

At the arrival of each moment,
appears an opportunity…

to redefine ourselves,
not based upon our past –
to give into which only may constrict our expansion
into greater depths of self-discovery & self-expression –
but upon our increasingly lofty standards –
the adherence to which can only forward our development
as exceptional beings unfolding in their divine Godliness –
is to expound our latent capacity for immeasurable creation…

A tragedy, perhaps –
so few of us daring to step beyond
the perceptions restricting sight from seeing
the world of promise awaiting
on the other side of judgement…

if it were our desire for
the awakening of our fellow citizens –
that which can only bring the peace & harmony
we truly desire at the core of our souls –
would it not be but the transpiration of
our own clarity’s invocation
to spur the transformation
of our planetary consciousness,
leading us into a new age in which
we recognize & harness our power
to construct a reality satisfactory
to our spirit’s calling?

How could we but overcome
our greatest barriers,
if not in presence of belief
in our own power?

What outcomes would we be inclined to produce,
given the denial of our faculty for choice –
being swayed by random occurrences,
rather than responding consciously
to the options laid out
in each stretch of breath?

Why might we have been put in these settings,
if not to discover our ability to create our reality –
if not fully every detail on the outside,
at least our overall experience on the inside?

As the clock turns,
each second moves us closer,
or further away from,
that frame capturing our entirety –
the state from which our power may emanate,
bringing forth the change on the exterior
first envisioned from that altitude
transcending time & distance…

The choices remains…

At which point in now,
will we step into that frame?

Are we content accepting
self-imposed limitations,
or are we ready to put doubt aside,
in exchange for the gift of liberation?

May God be with us in taking that leap,
holding our hands as we go
where few have walked,
whispering words of wisdom as
we venture into the unknown,
warming our hearts
with the touch of certainty,
letting us know we’ll be alright in the end,
despite what troubles we may face on our way…

Let us embrace both the power
in a higher force & ourselves,
realizing they are one in the same,
exercising the courage to embody the divine…

To our own selves,
may we be true…
By Rok

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