What a difference a day makes.

Yes we had another melt down; I think that every 14 months one is allowed. But what it does is getting rid of all the negative vibrations that build up in us and releases them. Now feeling empty and we can fill our selves with the light that got clouded over and see our way forward.
I mean if you have had a journey chosen for you and things go wrong, it just means that you are not listening to the directions and then one gets lot. So focused and hearing well, I listen and now I hear, my eyes do see and my soul can feel again.
Stress is such a killer, health, vision, doubt, fear, it is nothing but darkness. Some times you just cannot fight it, especially when you are physically tired and emotionally beat. But when it is spent, and you have let it go, you go back to what matters most, your belief.
The ones tuned into me heard me, they came to my rescue, helped me though the storm. They are connected in such a way that we are bound to each other for the journey and also the purpose, we are all bound by what will be in what ever way.
I live my life in faith, belief in what and why I do. I cannot go in any other direction because it is like me turning my self inside out. Horrible thought, but that is what it feels like. I have journeyed this road for 5 years now, up hills down into bogs, through fog and clarity. I have walked it in belief even if not in understanding, I have walked in purpose but not in direction. I know why I do it, but not the how. I know I must gather the believers the builders the leaders along the way, and I am, even to though only in the few.
For me to stop or turn around will mean that every thing I stand for every thing I believe in, every thing that people believe in me, would have been a lie. My life a lie, I have lived that lie before I will not do it again for I would rather die.
So with renewed vigour and rebuilding of energy, I walk forward. In my clarity I am hearing my direction and understanding the why. I can even though my stomach is still tight, feel the truth and I can believe again where once the doubt was creeping in.
We are never alone, even though we feel we are. Just believe even when it is hard, for that belief is the truth of it all and in that truth is direction to the purpose.
I wish every one clarity and peace, and to know that we do not journey alone.

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