Where Eagles fly

Where Eagles fly far up in the sky amongst the spirit of the winds and the purity of air, by the warmth of the sun and the music of silence, and the heart beat of earth’s vibrations, I fly. 397483_2957499780653_1356244383_3080432_435290851_nI see from far above the pain and beauty, I see the miracles and destruction, I see the abundance and over indulgence I see the over whelming hate and the uplifting joy of love, from up here I see it all, but where do I belong.

The undertone of earth’s grumblings pulls me down into a space I find it hard to breath. I belong in the sky with the spirit of the wind carrying me up and over the lands for me to see where I am needed. With the warmth of the sun on my back protecting me the music in the wind and the uplifting spirit of flight, I can see, hear and feel the answers that I need to move on with.

What ever I need to know the heavens will tell me, what ever I need to feel I am open to and what ever I see good or bad I see in comprehension through my eagles eyes.

I do not get to choose what visions are given me, but I do get to choose in how I react to them. I lived amongst the earths core for so long that these vibrations of sorrow and pain have left their mark on me, and every now and again when my flight is in falter those memories come back to me.

I get upset when I am with people of whom I see their truth, ability and calling, as that is what I bring out in people, but when I see them fly one moment with open wings and express such enthusiasm then proceed to go back into their fear, the control their boundaries, I get upset for the earth’s core has grounded them and they lose that ability to dream and make a dream come true.

I cannot go back there, I belong in the sky, and if I succeed on my way in finding these free spirits and we fly together, wonderful. My only concern is finding the ones the earth needs to fly with us now, the fearless, the visionsest, and the actionist, for now is the time to fly while the wind is strong and the sun warm and with Gods map by are side, we can fly to a place and set things in motion for the earth bounds to follow.

I fly as low as I dare so as not to jeopardize my being, low enough to radar the frequency for the believers to fly to. Once there, it is up to them to choose to follow-up or go back to their safe haven. Nothing ventured nothing gained, if you do not try how will you succeed and if you can see it, live in it, and feel it, you can make it happen.

Choice, the choice to do or not to do, the choice to act on the feeling or suppress it, the choice to take that chance or walk away, the choice to go where you cannot see but know in your heart and soul you must because it feels right, the choice to feel life run through your veins like an energy that lifts you up to the heights of heaven and gives you all you need to follow a dream a purpose your existence.

We all have a purpose and most of the time we ignore that calling because of fear, not being tuned in to the opportunities and unable to just let every thing go in trust and faith. God asks us to listen to our hearts and souls, for it is there that he speaks to us but only if we listen in our truth, for through our inner lies we cannot hear him. Open up, face your self, let the doubt out and let it all go, be free to see what the heavens want to show you, only honest true to your core openness can see it and then follow it, but first tune in to your soul and live its truth by being who you are not what you have been programmed to be.

I must fly, for that is how I see hear and feel my knowledge, do you care to fly along side of me and see what adventures we will get into what light we can shine!!!!!!!!!

By Sara Towe

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