This is my understanding of what visions were shown to me, others have had their own way of receiving, but put all of our visions together it may make a picture of understanding.
I am a seer who understands in feeling. Which means what I see I feel. Visuals to see are translated to my feeling senses and once I feel it good or bad I understand it. Visions come to me and always play out in a scenario type of way. A flow of knowledge that plays out like a small movie. To me this is some thing I need to know form the powers that be, some I do not know why, it is just there, some times it clarifies things for me and some times it is very clear straight of in its meaning.
I have known for some time now that we are in trouble. We are destroying this world and regressing backwards in a hurry. For all the technology breakthroughs and incredible advances we have made, we are still Neanderthals at core. We are a violent, greedy, hateful and ignorant egotistical, unfeeling race who has not learnt the one lesson we are here to learn. To facilitate the human collective in inspiration, good will and conscience advancement for the benefit of all living beings of earth.
It is not about religion, governments, power, or dominance over each other. It is about respect, value, trust, dignity, soul liberty and peaceful enabling of each other for the good of all.
No it is not idealistic, that is for the skeptics, those who are so jaded, so insecure and in need of power that they have to keep people down to push them selves up. The self-importance so others wont believe in it as they think there are all to every one. I value those that strive to make a difference every day in any way. It does not have to be big or even an act, it could be sending out good vibrations, willing peace joy love purpose laughter and comradely to this troubled would, simply good vibrations.
Yes projecting good thoughts with real belief and good intent does make a difference. Sending out positive thoughts to the world, family, friends, and the lost the fallen and the distraught, it can and does make a difference. Make note what of when you are around a positive person who is upbeat joyful and no matter what, they have got that it will be better tomorrow attitude and that I am grateful to be alive, you know that it is infectious. But also you know that one thunderous person with a F- -k you attitude and I am more important than you, well then you now how fast they can bring you down.
So in respect to that, this is what I know from my visions. Look at frequencies waves of unending energy. Look at the force behind it and the constant wave of colourful power. The universe works of that power and we are all apart of that force we are that energy.
We need to understand that we are energy our selves and we project energy (positive or negative) all the time. My understanding is that the frequency waves of this earth are not firing on all cylinders and we are in trouble. There is a deep thunderous vibration going on from the earth that it is shattering the energy waves and we have lost our rhythm.
What this means is that with this deep heavy vibe of negativity, despondency, hate, intolerance, greed, singularity that is going on, we can not elevate the frequency waves needs to keep this earth running smoothly. Think on it, if we can’t rotate the earth in the right direction or speed what would happen to us? We are destroying this earth in so many ways and it must stop.
First I believe that we must unite our forces by using compassion, tolerance, belief in one another, caring, forgiving, guiding and loving. How? Well it all starts with you, just one believable gesture towards some one else, a kind thought, a loving word, a bit of passion shared, giving of our abilities, sharing our blessings, being thank full for the people in our lives, valuing, respecting, doing good onto one another.
Yes it is that simple, think on it, take a child who is simply in a joyful moment, that laugh, that smile, that innocence of wonderment, look how infectious it is all that wonderful joy. We try to make things so complicated and hard for our selves that we miss the point of it all. Just keep it simple and just simple believe. “In what you say? “ Well in each other, in the powers above, in this haven called earth, in the fact we can achieve any thing with the power of positive thinking and commitment to action.
Doing some thing positive for some one else no matter the size, but making a positive effort to aid someone to a better place is the key behind it all. WE HAVE TO BRING BACK THE VILLAGE, the village was a simple place of togetherness, a place where you had to work together in order to survive. A place where you shared your joys, your pains, you beliefs and your possibilities. A village strong was a united village of love truth and strength respecting the elders and their wisdom and the strength and visions of the young.
Any thing can be possible if we just bothered to care for some one other than our selves. Break down the walls of insecurity, of its mine, of I am scared. We must open up to one another again, we must reach out in belief of each other and in the desire to help each other grow, because that means a heightened vibration and frequency waves firing on all cylinders good and strong.
You are going to see many changes over the few years. This earth is retaliation and many more disaster are going to happen, many more lives lost. I need you to know that is Imperative that we raise our good vibrations and reach out to one another and to the powers above in order for us to survive. If you are not riding that wave and creating the positive momentum of this planet, then you may get lost and be left behind.
We are being tested folks; the awakening of our souls, spirits and awareness is here now. Wake up, be a part of the solution, vibrate good thoughts, good intentions, good deeds. Elevate your self into the collective in order for the earth and its people to survive.
We do have a second chance, we can save earth and the human race, if we just start believing in each other and combing our energies for the greater good. You do not have to become sheep, but leaders of your own spirit, responsible for the world’s safety and survival. You take charge of your self and unite with others that want to see a more cohesive loving planet then do some thing about it, act on it and be a part of the solution not the problem.

By Sara Towe

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