A redirect for a greater good.

Well, another redirect and other path to follow, we have made so many redirects that we are feeling dizzy. Opportunities were given new visions were followed but differences were met, so redirect.
I have always desired that our company stand for something out side of the technology, and have met may people who believe in this approach and some who are not that way inclined. Whether it is company practice anywhere else I do not care, a portion will be owned by a charity because it has always been about giving back, paying it forward and enabling others to grow and live dignified sustainable lives, that is why we are doing this.
We are bringing a technology that will be good for the earth and allow the electric motor industry to grow into this millennium and its future benefits, and it gives aid and hope to someone somewhere to live better lives. What a wonderful way to walk forward in, a redirect becomes a gift and now we walk forward in true light happy hopeful and excited for us all.
Good vibrations moving forward, a new day and even though in some ways starting again, we move forward with lessons learnt and spirits high, life is to short for regrets and work has to be done and time is always moving, so time to move with it, no more dead ends but forward into the vision we have been driven by since the beginning.
I walk forward in peace and hope clear headed, focused and defiant for we will partner, JV to visionary people very soon and take this technology to the great heights it deserves.
Joy belief and fulfillment to you all and never compromise your dreams or your commitment to them.

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