Believe Another Day

What is belief? it is a word that is used far too much without connection and it is an excuse not to act on a belief. I have but 3 requirements in my life and business, 1. Find something to believe in.,2.Act of that belief, 3. Commit to that action. It is all very well saying that you believe but till you act on it and commit to that action it is just words without content.

I have been tested, testing and committing to my belief in action for the last 5-6 years. Yes it is very hard at times, and the desire to give up can be strong, BUT, if you really live in your belief giving up is not an option as your commitment is far too strong to walk away. I am a soul awareness and spirit guider by nature and trade, but 6 years ago decided that reaching people one on one was draining me of my spirit and soul. So I decided to find a way to make a lot of money so that I could start a foundation that would enable people to more effectively reach that goal without the barriers that are in the way now.

It started out taking me in a direction so far from my field but which led me to the one man that would change my direction for life. He too is a believer in enabling people to live to their full potential and be sustainable with in their lives and energies and purpose, but the path we took was most unexpected and brilliant. Electric motors, yes electric motors, so far from my path, but was it? He too was someone who needed to find his path and was confused with his spirit and soul. Once we had that in balance we realized that we saw things in the same light and were trying to find a purpose in which to fulfill our destinies. He told me of this electric motor that he had in theory developed some 27 years prior, but could not come to reality because computers were not advanced enough to do so. Now 30 years after his first vision we built an electric motor that worked of an i-pod, how amazing is that!

So you say why an electric motor when all electric motors are meant to be so superior? Well because we have designed a new motor that is the next generation in motors and delivers more usability and versatility and adaptability than any other motor ever before. You may ask where the belief comes in, well when he was telling me about the motor, I had a moment that took me to a feeling and left me with a knowingness that is unshakable, the motor must be built and I have to do it. So 6 years later many lessons learned and some experiences that I wished I had not had to experience; we are still at it and even more in belief than ever before.
So the morel of the story is this, NEVER GIVE UP OR GIVE IN for if you do something in a belief that you steadfastness is unshakable and you live in the no doubt of come hell or high water you are destined to succeed because you believe and act and commit to that action, you will not fail because you simple have faith in your belief.
So find something in your life that is so strong in belief that you cannot walk away from it under any circumstances and act on it and commit to that action, for the reward of that faith in what you do and why is what gives you purpose value and strength in a life worth living.
I wish you strength in your belief and the tenacity to walk the walk no matter where it takes you.

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