Unity E-Motors Innovation

PLV Unity Fund-Action in partnership with Unity E-Motors are pleased to introduce you to a new scalable electric motor one of a kind. 

We are very excited about a new breakthrough we have made in electromagnetics. This revolutionary new concept is what lies behind our new static focused field magnetic coil that we have used to produce a 100% modular electric motor that delivers unprecedented adaptability, expandability and usability. In fact this promising new technology will virtually eliminate the need for using gears, gearboxes, transmissions, clutches, belt and chain drive mechanisms which allows the motor to be built right into the machine itself!
We are looking forward to being able to keep you informed about this exciting technology as it evolves, however due to proprietary nature of this breakthrough, we cannot release too much to the public at this time.ezone-motor1-150x150 (2)
Here are some cool fact that we can share with you now…
1. The first electric motor to be 100% modular in its construction that allows it to be built right into the machine it powers, no more gears or pulleys, no more transmission or gearboxes, and no more belts or pulleys that rob efficiency and decrease reliability, it is just a simple reliable efficient electric true direct drive motor system!
2. Built using light weight space age composite materials rather than steel and iron .
3. 100% digital operation delivering complete motor control to create real-time dynamically adjustable power output based on mechanical performance needs.
4. First electric motor technology to facilitate aftermarket upgradability so you can custom build and tune your motor to deliver the performance you want.
5. First electric motor technology to deliver inexpensive and easy repair and maintenance. Motor can be completely disassembled and rebuilt using basic hand tools..
6 First electric motor technology to deliver easy owner serviceability. Every part in the motor can be replaced on the spot using basic hand tools.
7. First electric motor technology to deliver unlimited scalability, your only limit is the available space you have to put the motor in.
8. First electric motor technology to deliver standardized modular components that allow you to re-use components from one motor to another without any modifications.
9. All modules and other motor components are designed to be rebuild able, recyclable and reusable
10. The motor reduces the use of natural resources such as steel, copper, iron and other materials in its construction by over 80%!

This amazing technology is under the PLV Unity Fund-Action Organization as an open architecture .

Join us in bringing a new innovation that serves everyone globally.

The Unity E-Motor Team.




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