A Journey Worth Taking.

It is amazing when you just take the journey and don’t dictate the journey, how wonderful it can be. I think back to the year 2000 when my journey to my own worth began. I then made a choice to walk away from an unhappy marriage and take a chance on life. I had no idea where I was going or indeed how I would put one foot in front of the other at the time, but I did know that a journey needed to be made or quite simply my life was over.
When you have lived your life to every one else’s expectations and dictation, starting over is like facing life as a newborn. In many ways worse because you have baggage and have been programmed to disbelieve in your self and just be a mindless dutiful person who just follows.
Follows whom? Who’s the leader in my life? Who is the person who knows me and knows what is the right direction for me? And if I just follow some one am I not giving in and not taking responsibility for my self! Be inspired by leaders and follow their lead yes,, but live up to one owns expectation and be true to ones self even if you are only discovering who you are.
What a rollercoaster, up down really down but a big up. The adventure in these last 9 years has certainly been enlightening. I have discovered so much about my self, my capabilities my strengths and most of all my purpose. WOW that is a big one folks, to know ones purpose and to believe in that purpose so devotedly that you will walk any path to get there with in reason, I mean I will not give up my dignity of or integrity as they are the roots that I lay path to.
I have defiantly had times when I lost it, just could not tolerate another fool, another liar and play it safe. It does amaze me the real players in the world of business know that there is no gain with out risk; they are fined tuned to it. But there are so many want to be big shots, that come up very short on ability and performance as they just cannot live up to their words because of their inadequacy’s.
Business; it covers so many avenues. The business of raising a family, of building a community, and of building empires. Mothers are not taught to be mothers, there is no degree, no certification, no training of any sorts. But look at how many women just take to it and get on with raising a family. Some times they have good role models, and some times there career training applies, but most of all it is on the job training with only your instincts to guide you.
Many women do well under this pressure and when the children are grown, go onto have very successful careers because of the life training. It is very sad that we have become so certified, diplomafied and pieces of paperfied that we loose the sight of the experience and life gifts that people learn on their way. The value of real life experience, the gift of having to think on ones feet, reward of having to take action and control at the drop of a hat, the pressure of the unexpected and the knowledge of that accumulative experience, it is so valuable and has taken years to gain. We must not devalue some one because they do have a piece of paper that gives them the right to say they now know more than the experienced.
Value: this is what we look for most in life. The value of ones self, to value some one, to be valued, this gives us the respect we have worked hard for and the reason we work in whatever realm at all.
You don’t respect your parents, because you have not valued the risks, time, efforts, and pain and yes sacrifice that they have made for you. When you value them you now have a grounding point to value your self. As my mother used to say to me when I was being teased for being ailed, “The value you place on your self is the value you are taken for” it took me far to many years to learn that lesson, as I allowed people who placed no value on me, to lead me down a path on no control or desire, the journey did not belong to me, I was living their fear their pain, by transferring it to me, they no longer had responsibility over it, they just passed their pain on.
I see the truth in a person’s soul, I see when they are lost and misguided. If they have found their way to me, it is my gift to help them find them selves. This can be easy if they are open and willing, but very painful if they are afraid and distrustful. But I see it and however long it takes, I must help for that is the gift I was given, and the reason I am in that person’s life.
So even though I know my purpose I am doing it in a different way. I am now building business that build people so that both business and people both grow and excel. In building the businessperson to be a more rounded person they bring to the table an expertise and an understanding, which makes for better business.
Business is not product, not profits, not towers, it is about people. If you place value on your people by believing in them and their possibilities, you will have a company that will grow beyond expectation. If you have a company that values its staff, and much as they do the clients, you will have profit. If you treat them in a way that you would like to be treated, they will value you. IF YOU LISTEN to them you will learn, they are on the front line, so listen to what they have to say for it will save you grief, money and time.
Yes this is what I do now, I teach employers to be more conscious of their people, in order to gain respect one must earn it and by earning it you gain one of the most valuable things in business, loyalty. To trust your people and for them to have faith in you is bigger than any deal you will get. When you get that first big deal and you share it with your people, it is a family of love and commitment and yes value that is priceless.
So a long journey from not knowing who I was to knowing precisely who I am but also what I am meant to do, is a most invigorating and in a surprising way peaceful thing in my life. But I am faced in this moment with the order to box my self in for some else’s purpose, this is most disagreeable, as I have journeyed long and hard to remove all boundaries from my self and to walk in worldly knowledge. I am being asked to institutionalize my self by having to place my self in a pigeonhole. I cannot do it; I do not know where I belong in this world of pigeonholes. I am a free spirit that took to many years to become free and at one with every thing, to go and get slotted again. So dilemma, how to I compromise? I live entirely by my instincts, I listen to the words in between and I understand. Where I am of use, but in the world I left behind, I know not where to go. I believe in walking forward, and I am being asked to step back, I am a builder, but I am asked to stop because it does not fit their agenda. So now what do I do? I must stay focused on what I am doing for to many people are counting on me, yes many futures are relying in us and me to deliver their dreams and possibilities. Some do not know why they believe, but except that they do, some want to but are scared to, some want the gain with out the belief. They need me, so the path I must take will put me in a bad financial position, but it is one that I must do because if I redirect now, I will not full fill the hopes and dreams of all those that I have promised. I do not make a promise I do not believe I can keep, but some times things go in their own time not in our urgency.
I am at the gate of activity, the gate will open soon and I will be able to take my people through to start living that possibility I know that they have in side of them. But I need to the gate open soon because the pressure on me to abandon it is great. No I wont, I could not, but I do not want to be crippled when I walk though because I have too much to do and I have no time to re group. If you lead your must act like a leader, and no matter the cost, I must lead, because their tomorrows are based on my foundation of today’s. Our success is based on their success and their success is based on our grounded foundation from which they will spring board.
So I ask the powers that be, the force that has bought me so far, to please open the gate so I can lead my people through to a more promising life and the advantage to live up to their full potential and pay it forward for other to follow, because some times you have to follow in order to find the path you are meant to walk on.
9 years of journeying to get to this moment, 9 years of discovery, 9 years of growth, 9 years of building a dream for true believers to follow. I believed in the journey, I learnt to believe in me, and I found people along the way to believe in and now we will build that belief into a structure sure footed for other believers to follow and activate their dreams into a reality.
2011 No we don’t know when or whom but if we just keep believing we will know where and what and how. I am still at the brink of it all I am still strong which still intimidates many, but I am still here so is the business and the dream of its full purpose being for filled.
For ever the believer.
We are still looking for that one person to propel us forward, with a spirit that is invigorating and very meaningful to us and we hope to meet you soon.

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