Cancer is not what you think it is.

I recently went to a seminar and was introduced to a scientific approach to cancer and exactly what it is.
It was very inspiring informative and enlightening and at the same time made perfect sense if not a little confusing. I have long believed that the psyche (the spirit) can overcome any thing and control how we feel and in how we see life, but I have also know that the brain can get in the way and confuse, misconstrued and destroy by processing the wrong knowledge.
Our brains are programmed long before we born with past lives influence, then when born with parents, environmental upbringing, teachings, religions, piers and now more than ever media. We over think over analyze, hear what is not relevant to us but attach to it any way. We cram our heads with stuff that will never serve us because someone somewhere deemed that you must. We are completely conditioned and we do not take responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings, spirit or actions, because it is easier to blame everything on others rather than our selves besides everyone is doing it that way so it makes it right yes?
So is it no wonder that our bodies are riddled with deceases, that our planet is screeming in pain and that our souls are weeping at the disconnect to our consciousness. Cancer is an everyday language just about everyone on the planet knows some lost some or has it themselves. So why is it so rapid now, or is yet again another misdiagnoses and misunderstood decease that we have always had in our systems as a mechanism to heal us instead of killing us? Intriguing we have so many natural defenses that we do not pay attention to, so just maybe this is another one we have misunderstood.
We have so much medicine, research, trillions and trillions being spent on this one decease, why have they not figured it out yet, could they have it wrong? Or could it just be an amazing cash cow that they do not what to see come to an end? From all accounts as Doctoring so called got better, Doctors got wiser, machinery got more sophisticated and research more extensive, so why has cancer increased? Why are people sicker than ever before and why are they dyeing because of these sophisticated treatments that are meant to save them instead of killing them?
For thousands of years medicine was the earth’s and spirits gift, always a cure but a step away from you and with the power in faith spirit and body we were so strong and resilient. Yes antibiotics are marvelous for real infections, but so widely over used now they have lost there power and cause more problems in other areas. Yes medical break thorough because of scientific equipments computerization, and more brain power is great, but why have they turned their backs of the earth’s medicine, Gods medicine and the gift of one’s spirit and soul? Is it simply because earth and the powers that be work over time and with belief, OR Is it because everyone wants a quick fix and no one has time to heal anymore? Is it because we do not aid our own bodies by caring loving and valuing our selves, or allowing our bodies to heal naturally but run for the drugs, diagnoses and operations that we simple do not need.
The basis I understand of illness it is the body telling us that we are under stress, emotionally physically and spiritually. If we are stressed out, worried, upset, afraid in jeopardy over working it our bodies will let us know. It has been said and I agree that we are our own perception of life, what we perceive ourselves to be we respond to, what we think we want to become will make come to pass good or bad, and what we believe in we do have the ability to make happen, perception is everything, attitude is everything, and action creates everything. But the reflection of perception is not always what is real and therefore can be misunderstood. They say we are what we eat, I agree, but we are also what we believe, do we believe in anything? Are we tapped into our psyche do we connect to our soul do we value our bodies? We are but reflection of our own personal image.
So what has this to do with cancer, heart decease and other ailments? Well maybe our view of our lives and the discontent in which we live in, plus the atmosphere of bombardment of negativity and suppression of true consciousness is what is really making us sick and we can resolve that by looking in.
Most people are living a lie unknowingly because of the expectations of life and pressures of those unrelated to our souls teachings. We are never taught to listen within or hear out, only to obey. We are not encouraged to believe in dreams and most defiantly not to follow them. Don’t rock the boat do as I say obey the rules don’t speak out of turn, don’t don’t don’t over and over again. At some point our discontent with in our souls, spirits reflects in our bodies in distress discontent and a downright rebellion.
This is then diagnosed as decease and with it a death sentence is passed down or drugs are frown at you or thousands of dollars on psychiatry and even unnecessary operations. All just because within your soul spirit and purpose you are living your life untruthly.
Things that cause cancer and other alignments.
Stress: Fear: Loss: Heartache: Betrayal: Shock: Accidents: Soul Spirit and Body starvation: Lack of good nutrition: Lack of Belief: Lack of Purpose: Abuse: Feeling of Imprisonment: Lack of rest: Lack of Peace: DRUGS: MEDICAN: MISDIAGNOSES: FEAR OF DEATH: FEAR OF LEAVING LOVED ONES BEHIND:
So before you rush of to that doctor or for that over the counter drug, try stopping in your tracks and feeling what the problem might be so you can with the aid of spiritual healers, light workers, and your faith, who can find out why your body is screeming out to you and how you can aid your body to heal itself with trust, love, nutritionals, mediation, energy healing and many other unobtrusive ways to aid your, recovery and connect you to the cosmic belt of divine energy that connects us all everywhere.
Please look at the site below as I believe they will give you much to think on and a source of empowerment to aid you forward in your life.
I hope that you will place value on your soul, spirit and body and seek to live your purpose in truth love and harmony, blessing to all.
Sara T
highly recommend
“You can heal your life” by Louise L. Hay

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