Life is a partnership with God, mother earth the

Gratitude for life its self
Integrity with our inner soul
Freewill to choose how to live life
Understanding of life and our part in it.
Ancient runes GIFU X meaning gift, partnership with life, others and oneself gratitude for the integrity and freewill that awakens new understanding
Mother is the earths core and all that grows on it, the spirit is the wind and rain, energy is all that feeds life on earth, God is the one who encompasses earth and the universe in a protective manner keeping it safe from all that can harm it.

Who protects earth and all that inhabit it from humans and the nature of such beings?
What is the pull that drives such darkness from said beings?
Why do humans embrace the dark, the dense and the doubt?
Who are the ones that embrace the light, the sun and the freedom of the wind and live on faith?
Darkness and light are parallel to each other. The each has the same power, the same density and the same ability to alter perception of life, God and the universe. Embracing each of them can take you to the great heights of power. Darkness can take you to the deep thunder of the universes energy. It is all encompassing; controlling and one can easily get lost to the beep dark debts of despair. No human can live in the dark for long without loosing their own identity and the ability to give back to the world.
The other side, where the light is warmth and has a joy of life, is not for the faint of heart. In order to embrace the light you have to be true to your own spirit and that of the universe. Positivity is work, the constant belief in the bigger picture even though you know not of what it is, requires that you have a blind faith in the light and will not at any time embrace the dark.
Knowing the dark side of life, respecting it for its dark power and dipping into it, are different things. Its like knowing that temptation of chance is calling you, but the cost could be too high. Do you dip in and take the chance that you will come out alive? If you have to take a look at the dark side of life for whatever reason, you should only do it if your strengths of the lighter side are firmly with you. The light at your back so to speak. You are not being a woos, but most defiantly siding on the side of caution, as the dark side and its gravity pull, they can suck you in before you know that you have gone through the door. The energy that the darkness requires is heavy, it is in order to pull you away from your light energy that it needs to suck out of you, for where do you think the dark energy comes from, but despair and hate and the pain of our lost direction and loosing souls. However the energy of light is uplifting and creates more energy as you keep expanding blinding you into the power of life.
The fooling of a womb like warmth and an embracing of all your fears is how the dark gets holds of you. Light is exposure, so if you have something to hide, the light can be all to blinding. Honesty is the key to surviving the light, with in one self and the universe. To lie to ones self is to lie to the universe. The soul cannot survive a lie, for the light is truth of what? You may ask, it is your truth and the spirit that binds you to all living energy. Positive Energy that is the universe, it is what makes all things live, without energy there is no life.
Just like the light bulb, without the power of electricity there would be no use for the light bulb. Our energy within our selves is the power that keeps us going. Deplete that energy and every thing starts breaking down. Disease takes over; depression, and the total lack even to care what happens to ones self. We cannot live without positive energy, it is our constant force, our very being, and without this energy life would not exist.
I see every day those that are the walking dead. Their energy is so depleted that they walk like zombies. They have no enthusiasm for life at all. Stuff just happened to them, illness, disappointment, despair, and destruction. No matter what, their energy is dwindling down to nothing and they do not have the power to carry on.
We all have days were we just do not want to do any thing, couldn’t even if we tried. Imagine that feeling every day and you could not stop it, this energy loss is so subtle people do not know it is happening till it is upon them when they are to spent to do any thing about it.
What to do about it? For a start you care, recognize that the person in question has no ability to help them selves for they are to far gone to do so. No amount of lecturing will help this person, but caring positive and uplifting energy will. An ear, a hand, a meal, time, and lots of laughter is the key to bringing these people back to a point that they can fend for them selves. Make choice that enhance their lives not destroy it.
There is nothing worse than being in a deep pit trying to scratch your self out and someone telling you that you are doing it wrong or just to snap out of it or even to ignore your outstretched hand.
We have choices in life, we may think that we don’t but every day is a choice, a decision to live today positively or give in to the negative energy, the dark side. Even though energy is everywhere we still have to latch on to it, ride it be replenished by it and abide by it.
If you touch the power of energy wrong you will burn, but if you come to it with the desire to grow within its walls and expand beyond yours, energy will feed you, strengthen you and enable you to embrace the universe and experience all its glory wisdom and truth.
Gods is energy with in the universe and with in us, but we must use that energy with good intent good will and in wisdom, in order to really find its strength and our peace within it.
If you can live in the peaceful darkness of the night without fear and in knowingness, then you are home in the universe. It takes time and constant strength not to fall back into the pit of hell, but if you make the choice to live, to strive forward without looking back, you can make it.
Who ever your God is, how ever you connect to the universe how ever you ride that energy, do it because you believe because you are true to your soul and because you allow the energy to guide you in to a better life in trust in faith and in honesty.
Sunshine shine-down your golden rays so that we all may have the energy on carry on another day.

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