S.A.D (Seasonal affective disorder) How to overcome it.

Sadness is a seasonal disorder when simply there is not enough sun of vitamin D in the system. I do suffer from this and have at times had such over whelming Sadness that it consumes me.
My head cannot rationalize, my soul does not reach me and my heart just disconnects so it is so very hard to overcome it on its own. But if I can afford the vitamins it helps but if not I am in despair for a while fighting this feeling but just wanting to sleep and never wake up.
Most of us have something or other that blocks our ability to walk forward. It has nothing to do with belief or faith as it is a chemical imbalance or a lack of nutrition in the body for the mind and soul. I have fought depression or S.A.D. all my life, but most people do not see it. The see the healer in me the teacher the care giver, but do not choose to see the venerability within me. I understand, if you are someone’s strength their hope their vision, then acknowledgment of your proposed weakness is intimidating to them.
Is it a weakness? No it is a physical imbalance and has nothing to do with intellect, self value, worth, it is just a lack of nutrition or a missing link within one’s chemistry. So why is there a stigma on those who battle these disorders? Why is there a judgment posed on them, why does every one run in the other direction?
I am not any less intelligent, any less spiritual, or worthless. Being a woman of spiritual faith has helped me over come this, it helps me fight the demons that lurk with in my mind, knowing who to reach to for help. I have wonderful friends they are there for me they are a gift and what would I do without them I do not know; but they cannot see my sadness the darkness that encompasses me, for it shows my venerability and that they do not wish to see.
I do not hold any blame, I know how to recognize this in people, I know in how to help them through it, but I can expect them to know what to do with me. I will not take drugs for I feel they mask the problem and makes it worse, band aids not solutions. One has to understand the real problem and get the right holistic ingredients in one and loving help from those around us to overcome. I understand if one needed to go on something for a short while to address the immediate, but in that rational get into the alternative so the body does not become dependent of the disillusioning drugs. There are so many other ways to overcome, but one has to reach out (or someone reach out on your behalf) to find what fits your concern and work with you to find that balance.
I do belief in science I know that science does not end up in some form of drug or wild Dr Jackal and Hide syndrome. Science given from the powers that be of showing us combinations of vital things at natures hand in order to bring into being the solution to health issues that we can overcome. What do they say? For every disease there is a cure but a few feet away! I believe that, and I believe it is not only herbs like Vitamin B6 with a B complex and others herbs etc but also other techniques like E.F.T
(Emotional Freedom Techniques) Chakra cleansing, soul heart and mind balancing, energy healing, acupuncture, yoga, meditation and many other techniques.

I choose not to use drugs unless very necessary, I do not dictate any ones else’s choice of medicine, only encourage looking at it from a different angle and give nature a chance, I only ask why do we always run to the drugs to cover up the issue, why do we not look deeper to find the real problem and the solution to it? I do not meditate in the traditional way; I have found a way to occupy my mind so my spirit can fly, to busy my anxiety with details keeping it from consuming me. Filling my soul with purpose and my heart with hope. I will say without the right nutritionals it is harder, without sun it is harder, but at these times one must play the music loud, wear colorful things, work to live in ones purpose so that the devil within does not take control.
No being SAD is not fun and requires work in overcoming; do not do it alone, tell someone find a healer to help you or even a doctor to diagnose you and then start the journey to finding that balance that you can live by and keeping the lid on the pain of SADness.
Today amongst the windy clouds of thunder the sun did shine but for a moment, and in the moment my soul did sing, my spirit flew and I was inspired to write this article. I hope that it gives you some understanding; it is only my point of view and a choice that I have made in overcoming my SADNESS. May you find what is right for you and may you find the love and strength in handling it.
Sara Towe

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