Purpose verses Action.

I know my purpose but my action seems to be of. I know who my clients are but where they are is at a loss. I know my teachings and what they stand for and I am looking for those to be taught their own purpose.
I believe in belief, action and commitment to action. I believe in follow the path in order to know where one is meant to be. But I Have to admit my own compass is off right now and there is static on my frequency so I cannot hear where I am going or see what’s in front of me.
When you know that you need to redirect so fervently and can see so many pathways ahead of you, it can get very discouraging knowing which way to go. I counsel people on their options the how’s where and what’s, but I the teacher needs that counsel for I am confused myself right now.
I know I need to move on with my life, go into different directions and live a different purpose. I see so much writing on the wall it is making it hard to filter out what is meant to be read.
Because I am at an impasse myself right now it does not reflect on my abilities, it is just hard to be one’s own teacher as one cannot be removed from it, take a look from the outside in. I know that my life is been shaken up in a big way, I know that my book must be written this year, I know that other pastures are calling me and different people to work with. It is which step comes first, what direction will lead me right? Who am I to help, lead counsel? Where is my future going?
As a reader it is hard to read one’s self. It is about visions and vibrations for which one cannot read one’s own clearly. So I look at my board of future possibilities and have to try every one of them till I find the one that is meant for me at this time.
I wish I did not feel so much of other people’s pain; it blocks me and my ability to deal with my own. But knowing their pain helps me understand what is needed for my clients and in how to guide them forward.
I am a no nonsense person, we have a issue so let’s face it head on, I do not mummy coddle but nurture you forward to face the changes and tools that will put you in understanding of self and in which direction will best serve you.
I will only deal with people who of free will and want to make these changes in their life and are willing to face what needs to be done. I show the road the vehicle and the state of mind for your journey, but I am not our passenger that is for someone else.
So one of the things I do know I need to do other than the book, is work with other counselors/coaches and teach the tools I have so that they may be the passenger in their own clients life.
My feeling is to reach out to people in different countries like the USA and maybe UK. Why? Who knows it has just been shown and it feels right. People in the US generally embrace things that help them move forward in their own lives, and are not afraid to make the journey.
Just received a call that has redirected my life……….
So I already have my answer a connection that connects with another connection and is an answer to my direction. I asked the Universe to guide people to me, or me in the right direction to people who are like minded and could help me grow into my purpose and future opportunities and I have been delivered. WOW when one puts it out there it really will happen.

Thank God my deep blues of the last few weeks have gone and now my vibrations are once again inviting what is needed to walk forward in to my joy and purpose of life.
Thank you Sun Wolf, now that the Universe is happy with our connection, let us see what exciting adventures it will lead us down and in how many people we can open up the joys of the universe and their spiritual re-growth.
Feel alive again and the feeling is good.

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