Can any one hear me?

alone,girl,infinity,road,way,lost-ddcf758cbf32530df25a89ea939f9c29_hToday I admit I am lost, my road is confusing and even though I am grateful for my children family and very good friends, I feel alone. I feel like I have been walking this mountainous hill for some time now, and it keeps on getting bigger. I know I walk in belief, in trust, in empowerment and for the good of others and that is my purpose in this life time. But, I feel I am on my own in this world here to do a job but once done unseen.

Am I in a pity fest? No more a frustration of not getting any further up on my hill. Not able to sustain my presences here, not being enough value to others to be considered valued. Not being able to monetary says climbs this mountain to thrive. I know I am here for my purpose but I am confused. Everything in me says I am on the right path doing what I do and have done for so long in releasing people into their own empowerment, hearing their inner voice and embracing their spirit and souls. So why am I still so paralyzed?

Is it a case of aiding others at my cost of self? Is it not been seen? Is it not being valued for what I do? Or is it that others do not consider it of any value? I need answers, yes I am lost. My soul, spirit, heart and presence, tells me I am where I am meant to be, so what is in my way of being able to live by my work?
The scales are so of kilter; I give 90% away because I am not meant to turn away when someone needs my consul. I know that the universe will deliver and that this is all seeding, but I have to ask when, why, and what, for a roof over my head, food in stomach, debt to be paid, is essential to my physical being surviving.
If any intuitive out there has the answer for me, please tell me, because this cannot go on and I need to know if this world really wants me. If my work is really needed, if I am reaching people, and if my value is seen. If this is not what I am meant to be or do, then I am at a loss because I am brought back here to this purpose every time I take another direction, so if not here then where?
The emotional healer is asking to be healed, if anyone out there hears me I am all ears.
Thank you
Sara Towe

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