Keeping the faith.

It is a grind every day to keep the faith in what ones believe in. Not because it is hard to believe in it but because of all those that don’t. If I could stay on path moving in my direction and not have to keep being diverted to others agendas I might be able to stay on track.
It can be difficult to have to please people in order to get what you believe in moving in the right direction. They do not see it as I do, or want it like I do. Their agenda is different so it is hard for them to be the energy that is needed but become the Gail against us instead.
So I switch off all out side influences and focus on my belief and ask the Gods to guide us through the Gail to smoother roads ahead. He does listen if you speak to him in your own conviction of truth and un- wavered belief. The powers do lift you up and carry you forward if you are in the right mindset and not allowing other influences to derail you. If we go of track it is not their fault but our doubt or frustration that gets in the way of the flow of positive movement.
So next time you get mad, sad, derailed, stop, just stop, vent let it out then pull all your positive energy of belief trust and purpose back in to your soul and allow your self to be guided forward. We are human not all of spirit, so the human way is to get mad, and it is hard to stay in spirit when one is mad, so let it out, spend it and dismiss it, it does not make you any less spiritual, but releases your human frustrations.
Can you be a spiritual human? Yes, but some times there are 2 sides to us and the harmony especially when on a big journey of discovery gets tested and you do split your self in to until you can get back into a harmonious oneness. Nothing wrong, just a journey of soul awareness and spiritual alignment.
Those that have found that tranquil peace did not do it over night, nor get there easily. It is a journey of ups downs and of letting go all that is not needed in a harmonic life. No one is born at one with ones self, well maybe they are but life’s conditioning quickly beats that out of us. And when you decide to take the journey you have to undo all that environmental conditioning that has been bombarded into you all your life. So give it time, it is work, faith, belief, and liberating. But it can be done and is most certainly worth the journey, for living in that peace is so at one with your self, the Gods and the universe it is heaven.
I found that peace and lived for a short while in my heaven, but was sent back here to do a job enabling others to follow. Some times it is hard because I want to stay in my heaven with other peaceful beings like me, instead I am dealing with negativity and insecurities in people who don’t want to be enabled and it wears me down. Walk away you say, would love to, but for some reason have to stay and make it work, So I look to my heaven and ask for strength to walk forward in my truth and purpose in hopes that one day I would be able to go home and live in my peace again.
Don’t fight it, if you feel deep within you a disharmony a feeling of discontent, a lack of belonging, then courage up and start making the journey, for in the end, you will be a whole person in body mind and spirit and know the truth you seek and except the love that is trying to embrace you.
Get mad let go regroup believe and embrace it will be wonderful just take your first steps forward and don’t look back.
Good luck and feel with your soul, understand with your heart, and trust with your mind.
We live in a beautiful vibrational world, seek its peace and harmony one person at a time.
Sara T

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